The Most Amazing Models Of Small Living Room Sofas

Everyone needs a couch. The problem is when this essential piece of furniture becomes a white elephant inside the house, tying the space and disrupting the lives of the residents.

And do you know when it usually happens? When the room is small. The choice of a sofa for a small room needs to be very well planned so that, in the end, you achieve three fundamental things: comfort, functionality, and design. 

But I’m glad you have this post here to help you. We have gathered below tips, ideas, and inspirations for you to hit the nail on choosing the ideal sofa for a small room, come and see!

Sofa models for small living room

Two-seater sofa

The two-seat sofa model is suitable for occupying walls up to 2.5 meters in length. 

There are dozens of types of two-seater sofas available out there, easily found in physical and virtual stores. However, it is important to remember that not all two-seat sofas are the same size. So once again, take the tape measure with you. 

Another option is to opt for a planned two-seat sofa, tailor-made for your room. This type of sofa pays off for two reasons: the ideal size and personalization since you can choose the colors, shape, and fabric of your preference more freely.

Three seater sofa

The three-seater sofa is slightly larger than the two-seater. This model is indicated to occupy walls more than 2.5 meters long. 

The advantage of the three-seater sofa is that it accommodates more people and generally has the option of being sold in retractable and reclining models, increasing the comfort of the room. 

Corner sofa

If you have a room with a corner, then a good option is the corner sofa. This model manages to make better use of the available space and still offers extra seats.  The corner sofa is also a great alternative for integrated rooms since it helps to demarcate the area between the environments. 

Retractable and/or reclining sofa

The retractable and reclining sofa for the small room has been one of the most popular at the moment, as it manages to combine practicality and comfort in a single piece, in addition to replacing the old sofa bed very well. 

However, to use this type of sofa it is important to consider the measurements of the furniture in two positions: open and closed. 

The retractable sofa when opened cannot block the passage, much less be glued to the TV.

Modular sofa

The modular sofa has individual seats so that you have the freedom to assemble it according to your need at the moment. 

The great advantage of this type of sofa is the possibility of testing various decorative possibilities for the room.

Sofa with chest

The sofa with a chest is a good alternative for those who have a lot to keep but suffer from a lack of space. This type of sofa has a compartment at the base and is perfect for accommodating items in the room itself, such as blankets, pillows, magazines, among others.

Sofa with chaise

The sofa with a chaise is an elegant and sophisticated option for small rooms. In this model, one of the sides of the sofa is more elongated, bringing extra comfort to the furniture.

However, as with the retractable sofa, the model with the chaise needs to be well measured in space to be sure that it will fit in the environment and will not interfere with circulation.

Check out below 9 models of sofa for small room and get inspired to decorate yours:











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