The Best Deco Tips That are All About the Corner Sofa in Your Home

In this article, we suggest you answer different questions around the corner sofa: how to choose it? how to position it in the room? how to maintain it? We will also address other points such as that of the coffee table, the different models in the trade, or even the case of the small living room. We hope this article will help you choose your new corner sofa or possibly rethink the place of your sofa in the living room.


Let’s start with the 100-ball question: how to choose the right L-shaped sofa? In my opinion, there are 3 main criteria which must define your choice:

  1. Depending on the size of your room
    In recent years, many people have fallen for a corner sofa and this has ended up with a huge piece of furniture, not at all suited to the space of their room. If you have trouble visualizing the size of the model you have spotted, there are several ways to remedy this. You can create a 3D plan of your living room, on the internet, there are several free 3D software where you just have to register with easy handling. (No need for abac +8 in computer science to use them). You can also represent in your living room, the size of the sofa with boxes.
  2. Depending on where you will place it in the room
    If you already have a defined place to position your L-shaped sofa, you may have constraints to respect, especially in terms of the length or even the height of the backrest. If part of the sofa is on the wall of the window, the back of the sofa should not prevent you from opening the window for example.
  3. Everyone must be well seated
    There is also the comfort criterion which must be taken into account, as with all types of sofas. The sofa is the central piece of furniture in your living room, but it is also a piece of furniture that needs to be comfortable every day. All family members should be well seated. The back of the sofa should support you enough and not be too low. (A too low backrest is not comfortable, it does not support your entire back.)


Yes, it is possible to install an L-shaped sofa in a small living room, but you have to (and we insist) choose it with great care. The corner sofa is immediately more bulky than a traditional sofa. It’s a big piece of furniture in a living room that is small. Compact models are preferred. However, we invite you to ask yourself if other solutions would not be more suitable for your living room. There are straight sofas that offer as much comfort as a corner sofa – and by comfort we mean the possibility of lying down comfortably for example. If you have a small living room and you live alone or as a couple and you like to receive, the corner sofa is not the only possibility. The sofa + armchairs + poufs set is a much more flexible solution.
Also, the details of your small corner sofa will play on the effect of visual bulk/lightness. For example, opt for metal feet in compass which is lighter. The height and depth of the armrests or the height of the cushions must also be taken into account. It’s the little details that will make the difference!


And speaking of maintenance, how to maintain the corner sofa? At what frequency? How to make it last longer?

  1. Vacuum your sofa regularly in every corner
    If you are used to eating on the sofa, you will have to vacuum it more frequently. It is recommended to vacuum or dust the sofa 2 times a month.
  2. If you have done a task, do not wait to clean it
    On leather, just a damp cloth. In fabrics, it is more delicate. Mix washing up liquid, water, and white vinegar in a sprayer. Do not soak your fabrics or the foam on your sofa and clean the task with a cloth. Sponge with a new clean cloth a maximum of humidity. If your sofa is removable, put the cover on the machine without waiting. Program the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Make the leather on your sofa shine
    You can use Nivea cream and cloth. Make small circles with the cloth soaked in cream. It cleans it and makes it shine. It also works for leather jackets.
  4. Waterproofing your fabric sofa from time to time but regularly
    Certain models of fabric sofas must be waterproofed for better longevity. It is easily found in commerce or furniture stores for example.


In the living room, the sofa does not usually go without the coffee table and this also applies to the corner sofa. The problem with an L-shaped sofa is that the table must be large enough for all seated people to have access to it. If you are afraid that a single large coffee table is too large in your living room, you can opt for nesting coffee tables. They will offer you more modularity and you can move them according to your needs.


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