The Good House by Rodrigo Vilas Boas Arquitetos in Brazil

Project: The Good House
Rodrigo Vilas Boas Arquitetos
11,226 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by:
Favaro Jr.

The Good House by Rodrigo Vilas Boas Arquitetos

Casa O BEM, in Campinas, Brazil, designed by Rodrigo Vilas Boas Arquitetos, embraces its natural surroundings with a contemporary design. The house is situated on a steep slope, preserving its panoramic view and ensuring privacy. It uses raw materials like travertine, cumaru wood, moledo stone, and exposed concrete to blend with the landscape. The house’s name, Casa O BEM, reflects its gratitude to nature and life.

Located at Serra das Cabras, in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Casa O BEM was idealized with the main objective of ensuring and preserving its privileged view. There was a very steep slope to be explored and yet the goal of meeting a single client request: Ensuring the privacy of the house considering neighbors and the condominium street.

We designed a contemporary house, taking advantage of this slope and the space of 46.700m² (153,215sq. ft), focusing on the panoramic view of the land. Respecting full and empty shapes, we guaranteed 100% of the view in all spaces and only a single apparent pillar so as not to compromise the landscape.

The higher gourmet area ensures air circulation, preserving the south wind directed to the land and also protecting it from the sun and rain. The entrance hall invites those arriving to admire the incredible horizon of preserved nature. The composition of the two heights of the house fits in the view and those who pass on the street still see the horizon and part of the landscape.

Designed for a family, it has integrated environments and every detail was created to enhance the experiences of people living or attending the house. We also value raw materials to blend with the horizon: crude Roman travertine, riped cumaru wood (inner space), moledo stone, and riped concrete, an ode to nature.

The preserved view, so exalted throughout the development of this project, is a way of showing gratitude to nature and to life. No wonder, the client chose the name of Casa O Bem (“House the Good”).

Rodrigo Vilas Boas Arquitetos


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