The Essentials for a Minimalist Dining Room

Today we will be interested in the dining room and more particularly in the minimalist dining room. We have already started well around the house with essential gestures to create more refined spaces. And it’s time to take an interest in this rather special part of life.


If you are at the beginning of your slow and minimal approach, it is imperative to pre-sort everything that is stored in your dining room. Once this sorting is done, it’s time to put it away. In dining room furniture such as the sideboard, there are often dishes, the one we use for big events. This room is also often used to store important household papers. It is also possible that in your large buffet you can take advantage of it to store some souvenirs that you want to keep. Even if it is not seen, minimalism is not just a matter of appearance. It is also a more functional way of living. The idea in your dining room storage is to give meaning to the interior of your storage. If you rarely use your wedding service, it can very well be stored in one or more boxes and not occupy the most accessible spaces of the buffet (in other words, if it is used once a year to break everything, nothing prevents you relegate your crockery to the bottom of the cabinet). On the other hand, generally the household papers, such as electricity bills, salary sheets, etc. we put our noses in it regularly. As much as they are quickly accessible and identifiable. Do not hesitate to use a color system or labels to find your way quickly. The memories can also be in a less accessible box.


In various articles devoted to minimalism and slow design, I have already insisted on lighting. We decorate less but better and the lights, we can not do without it is imperative to choose them carefully. A sleek look that allows you to add a touch of color or take up an already existing material in your decoration. The hanging lights in the dining room are interesting if elsewhere I was talking about it a short time ago, I put the link at the bottom of this article. They allow you to decorate the top of the table which is generally space. Rather than loading the frame wall for dressing, a hanging composition will personalize your decoration without overdoing it.


It is not always easy to change all of your furniture to achieve the decorative result you want. The complete furniture of a dining room is not given. And to quickly change the look of your room, you don’t have to change everything. The chairs around the table are a decorative element that we often underestimate. And yet, by choosing a refined seating model, the decoration of your dining room will change dimension. What is a minimalist chair? These are simplesoft curvesdurable materials. It must also be comfortable. It is all very well to have a nice seat if no one can sit still during the meal, it is useless.


In the dining room, it is easy to fall into a trap when one tends to minimalism, that of so purifying the decoration of the room that it is made impersonal. In the living room, for example, it’s more difficult since we spend a lot more time there. In the dining room, you spend less time and therefore you realize less easily that you are going to the dark side. Yesterday, while on Instagram, I came across a completely cold minimalist interior photo. Perhaps that was the case a good decade ago. Now minimalism is quite warm, thanks to materials like wood or natural leather or with matt colors that will bring a touch of warmth while delicacy.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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