The Essential Winter Decoration Accessory – The Faux Fur Blanket

Tired of your old, drab, worn, itchy plaid that has been lying around on the sofa for 10 years? Do you want softness, warmth, and style for this winter? You need a faux fur blanket! Timeless, it dresses the sofa or bed with taste while enveloping you in absolute comfort.

Beige faux fur throw

This reversible plaid with a soft texture relies on a combination of materials. It’s up to you to choose between its faux fur side or its suede fleece side. Measuring 150 x 170 cm, it will fit perfectly on a large comfortable sofa. This faux fur blanket will also be perfect as a bedspread to warm up at night.

Its beige and brown shades create a very realistic animal skin effect for a warm and authentic decor without cruelty.

White faux fur throw

Do you appreciate the charm and chic of white lounges ? This immaculate faux fur throw from Maisons du Monde should please you. Its ecru color and its fluid fabric will bring elegance to the room.

Combined with a few cushions and a soft carpet on the floor, it will help create an interior that is as cozy as you want.

Brown faux fur blanket

Here is an imitation fur plaid with a silky and irresistible texture. This two-sided blanket has a faux fur front and a fleece back. On the fur side, its (fake) long hairs and its icy brown color give it a very realistic natural appearance. It will keep you warm wherever you are: on the sofa watching a good movie, in bed, or an armchair by the fireplace.

The little extra chic: its sewn edge, discreet.

Soft faux fur throw

Nordic style comes to your home with this bi-material gray faux fur throw. Wrapped up in its stuff, you will feel like a (nice) Viking! The raw character of its fur contrasts with the elegance of the velvet lapel, so pleasant to the touch.

Imagine yourself comfortably curled up in this blanket with a good hot chocolate and your favorite book or series.

What decoration with a faux fur blanket?

The faux fur blanket creates a comfortable and welcoming interior, whatever the decor style. It will fit equally well in a bohemian, classic, or industrial interior.

Associated with natural materials such as wood or stone, it will accentuate the “cozy” character of the room. It will highlight, for example, parquet floors and rattan furniture. In the living room, it will take place on a sofa and match soft cushions. In the bedroom, it can be combined with a linen duvet cover and even an eiderdown to warm the coldest! And to complete this cocooning atmosphere, add a thick carpet and lights bringing a subdued light.


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