The Cutest Cat Houses For Your Inspiration

Catlovers, this post is for you. And guess what, today we’re going to talk about what kittens love to do the most: sleep!

Anyone who has a kitty at home knows that this is their main activity. And where is the best place for the feline to take his naps? In a cathouse, of course! But before buying or building a house, it is important to analyze some aspects that will ensure safety and comfort for your feline. Check out:

But you, knowing your kitten’s preference, can ensure that his house or bed is placed in that place. Here’s what the ideal cat house needs to have:


A comfortable house is all your kitty needs to do what she loves most: sleep. Just out of curiosity: did you know that a cat can sleep for up to 18 hours a day? Quite, right?

That’s why it’s important to ensure a soft, cozy, and warm place. Yes! Cats like warmth and feeling warm, especially kittens and older cats.


Cats have an innate instinct for gnawing and scratching objects and surfaces. And maybe he wants to do it in his little house.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the material of the house is resistant and does not pose any risk of the animal getting hurt. Also, note if the house has loose parts that can be chewed and swallowed.


Out of survival instinct, cats like high places to sleep. But that doesn’t mean his house should be suspended or high in a closet. The important thing is to guarantee the pet’s easy access and safety. Remembering that the place where he often sleeps is an indication of where the house should be.


Kittens like to feel protected and for this, it is essential that they can observe everything that goes on around them.

That is, you need to ensure that the little house has openings where he can see what is happening outside. Thus, the kitty feels protected and secure, with great chances of accepting the house. 


The size of the house is very important. The cat needs to have space to take at least one walk around itself. Also, note the height, he needs to be able to stand on all fours without bumping into anything.

If the kitten is a kitten, buy or make a bigger house. That way you guarantee that the kitty will use the house for the maximum amount of time.


It may not look like it, but cats do like to move. Among their favorite activities are climbing, jumping, and playing with hanging objects. So it’s worth offering these little attractions for your kitten.

Install obstacles that he can climb and hang toys. Oh, don’t forget the scratcher, so it leaves your couch alone.

Walk or house

Unlike dogs, cats prefer to sleep indoors as they feel more protected. Therefore, the best options for felines are box-shaped or igloo-shaped houses. The cabins also work well. The walks, like those sold for dogs, may not work well with your cat.

Assess whether he likes to sleep indoors more or if he sleeps more on surfaces such as rugs and sofas. In this case, the possibility of him adapting to walks is greater.

How much does a cat house cost?

There are several types of cat houses for sale both in physical stores and online. To decide, you need to consider all the aspects mentioned above, but also take into account your kitten’s personality, after all, what can work for one feline may not work for another.

On average, the houses for cats range from R$50 to R$300. Everything will depend on the material and accessories included, such as scrapers, for example.

How to make a house for cats

What if instead of buying a house for cats you make one? The internet is full of great ideas. You can make little houses with simple materials, many of them even recyclable, such as cardboard.

Wooden Cat House 

See below 9 creative ideas for a house for cats and surprise your kitties:












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