The Best Lime Green Paint Colors to Energize your Room!

We know that when you first think of daring paint colors, lime green does not come as the first option on your mind. But what if we change your mind? Let us walk you through the shades of this versatile color. First, it can span from traditional, bright tones to deep, then dramatic hues ending to be the surefire way to add more unique personality to your home.

This paint color as you can see energizes the room in an instant, so you can choose to paint the accent wall in a kid’s room, or maybe your living room. Lime green is also suitable for drawing the back of a drab bookshelf and it’s the perfect color for stepping outside of your comfort zone. Now let’s take a roundup of the lime green paint shades in case you are ‘not feeling it’ for the particular one, and the shades that designers love and recommend.

1.Cat’s Eye – Benjamin Moore

Resembling the cat’s eye this color is the truly lush life! The dark lime green provides the needed energy and vibrancy you could ever desire. By implementing enough of this shade it will get the sufficient depth so that is never jarring or too intense. Where you can paint this lime green? It would suit perfect in a crisp classic salon, a candlelit dining room, or a glamorous bath. Sounds wonderful! One thing more, if you want to create a truly immersive experience then coat the whole space-walls and trim. Voila!

2. Grape Green, Benjamin Moore

This one is often used as contrast on a bathroom vanity in a little girl’s nursery and it’s the perfect shade of lime green. In a colorful nursery bath the grape green pops just enough as an accent in the whimsical space and makes the magic.

3. Center Stage, Sherwin-Williams

If you look a bit closer you will realize that this green has a vibrance that hasn’t been seen in most brands. It’s such a pure color and it has just the right amount of blue to keep it balanced. For a persons with acute sensitivity to the undertones in color this is the right one! And imagine, this color works in both sunny or dark room and it looks complementary when compared with the magenta color.

4. Acid Drop, Farrow & Ball

Does it reminds you of a key-lime pie? Because we kind of seen it, lol! This color shade is very happy, vibrant and psychedelic, bright and almost looks good enough to be eaten. Oops, here we go again.

5. Lime Green, Benjamin Moore

Believe us when we tell you that green can never be overlooked. Why? Because it’s always balanced and stable. The first color that meets the eye when gazing out the window is the green one. A lot of wide variety of green shades are visible to our eyes, from the trees to the grass and to the stems of flowers.

6. Tequila Lime, Benjamin Moore

This paint is fresh and sharp, just like tequila lime. What a perfect name suggestion, right? This is the accent for your summer getaway, enjoy it!

7. Perennial, Benjamin Moore

When it comes to using a color like this one – strong color, then there is always just one motto to follow “Have intention and commit“. The Perennial has the brilliant depth, pureness and that crisp lime tone that can be use to achieve a refreshing and playful look. This is the color that makes a client to have that fight or flight instinct. Just follow through with your intentions and ‘commit‘ will come in.

8. Chamomile, Benjamin Moore

Can we mention that this color is our favorite? Straddling that fine yellow-green chartreuse line without being overly citric is the absolute win! The bold hue certainly can stand on its own but it also has a complexity that allows it to pair equally well with other strong colors like burnt orange, bright yellow, teal, or magenta. Because of it versatility it can also work as a sly counterpoint to more demure neutrals like ash and oatmeal.

Now go and paint your space with the color that resembles to you the most! Natural or vibrant, you are not going to get it wrong!


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