The 9 Best Rustic Homes To Enjoy The Fall

Houses in the country, in the mountains, near the sea, and above all, above all, away from the hustle and bustle and pollution. The sunny days of autumn invite you to go on excursions in the middle of nature and enjoy the color changes of the landscape. And when night falls, to stay at home and enjoy its warmth. In these 9 rustic houses that we have selected for you, it will undoubtedly be the sweetest season.

1. One bedroom with spectacular garden views

The spectacular nature of this bedroom, with its large arched windows that open onto the garden, called for an austere, almost monastic decoration, in which nothing eclipsed the beauty of the space. Tasty textiles, which line the bed in autumn, when it starts to cool, and many vegetable fibers, reinforce the natural and relaxed look of this room.

2. A rustic house with a very personal mix of styles

This house is in the Pyrenees but doesn’t expect to see the “typical” mountain house. The living room is itself a declaration of intent. Have you noticed the very personal fireplace and its wall that welcomes it? Checkered wallpaper has an English feel to it; the wood, which covers the chimney flue and the thick shelves, reminds us that we are in a rustic house; and the sofas with straight lines, a contemporary look.

3. Sleep under a blanket of stars

The bedroom is another of the jewels of this house (wait until you see the children’s room!). They chose few pieces, but strategically placed the bed under the window so that from the bed you could enjoy the stars. In addition, to make the sleeping area more pleasant, he covered the floor with a short-pile wool carpet.

4. A cozy bedroom with a decorative fireplace

The bedroom, like the rest of the house, is an invitation to enjoy autumn. The large window, with a bench as a gazebo, lets the light flood into this space, the built-in wardrobe adds charm, with its recovered doors and the fireplace, despite being decorative, makes the bedroom more welcoming and personal.

5. A mountain house made of wood and colored in green

Wood and green, in different shades, are the main protagonists of this mountain house, renovated by the decorator Jeanette Trending. In the living room, the green seems to dialogue with the exterior landscape, which enters the house thanks to the large window that the decorator freed from furniture so that nothing would obstruct the views. The only concession was a low bench as a gazebo that offers extra seats without obstructing the gaze.

6. From an old village cinema to a modern house with a rustic essence

Look at this beautiful house with a rustic essence but with a modern decoration. It began by reversing the uses: allocating the upper floor to the day area because it is the one that enjoys the best views, while the bedrooms were reserved for the ground floor. And, to enjoy the maximum light, new windows were opened on the facade.

7. A bedroom with a refuge vocation

This bedroom is not to go out. And it would almost not be necessary, because it has a mini kitchen, bathroom, living area, library, and study. To get the most out of the space, the decorator reserved the lowest area for the bed, which under the wooden beam ceiling looks super collected. The rest of the carpentry was stained in a soft greenish stone tone so that they would not weigh so much.

8. A rustic and very bright living room

There is nothing dark and gloomy about this house, as rustic houses are often assumed to be. It is full of light and joy. In the living room, two showcase windows were opened to the porch precisely to bring more light to the interiors.

9. A bedroom that is a viewpoint to the valley

This bedroom is for no sleep. And it is that this glass wall, which opens it completely to the landscape, is hypnotic. During the day, with the wonderful colors of autumn, and at night, with the starry sky.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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