Table Height – Which is Ideal for Each Type & Environment

Did you know that there is an adequate height for each type of table? Yeah! The height of the table is super important to ensure the comfort, functionality, and ergonomics of those who use it. So, even before you go out to buy a new table or even make your own table, take a look at this post.

We brought all the information you need to know to have a table at the right height. Check out:

Why is the Height of the Table Important?

The height of the table directly impacts the good posture and health of those who use it, especially in the case of work desks, since they spend most of the day there.

Spine problems, poor posture, and even repetitive strain injuries can be caused by a table at the wrong height.

Tables with more decorative than functional purposes, as in the case of side tables and coffee tables, must have an adequate height so as not to disturb the movement and design of the environment, in addition to also impacting comfort.

For dining tables, however, the correct height is synonymous with pleasant and comfortable meals.

But let’s better exemplify each of them below: 

Table Types and the Ideal Height:

1. Coffee Table Height

2. Office Desk Height

3. Side Table Height

4. Dining Table Height


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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