Stunning Decor And Project Ideas Of Safari Room For Your Kids

Adventure, fun, nature, and wild animals. Calm! We’re not talking about a forest expedition, just the fourth safari. After all, it’s not just Mowgli who can live the experience of living in the middle of the forest, right?

And one of the coolest things about this kids’ room decor theme is its versatility.

The safari room can be used for boys and girls, in addition to accepting a very varied color palette and various decorative elements. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see safari room inspirations that are very different from each other.

Safari room decor

Color palette

One of the most important things in planning any bedroom is the color palette. It is the guide for all the other elements that will enter the environment, from furniture to small decorative objects.

When choosing the color palette, the work of decorating is also easier, since you don’t get lost during so many options. This makes it simpler to get where you need and want. With that in mind, the color palette for the safari room almost always highlights and enhances the tones found in nature. That is, colors such as yellow, orange, blue, brown, and green are among the favorites. But of course, you can innovate and create a safari room decor including other shades, depending on the style you want to create. A more modern safari room, for example, can bet on shades like black and gray. If the safari room is for a girl, it is worth using shades of pink.

For a safari baby room, however, the tip is to use pastel shades of yellow, blue, and green, as these softer tones favor a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. If the child is older, then think of a more vivid and dynamic color palette, with warm and vibrant tones.

Note that the color palette is practically the same, what changes is the saturation of the colors, which can be either lighter and softer, or stronger and more vivid.

Check out now 10 safari bedroom ideas to get inspired:












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