Step into the adorable animal-themed nursery in Southern California that will steal your heart

What is the special place in the home where you can cherish the first experiences with your newborn? Yes, it is the nursery. When you want to create a nurturing environment then it takes a bigger responsibility and sense of softness and comfort. It’s not always as easy as it seems, especially if it comes to placing the nursery in a modern home.

We are about to take you on a tour around a contemporary home in Mar Vista, California. The interior designer had the task of creating a nursery, space meets the needs of child-friendly comfort complementing the existing aesthetic.

It’s more than obvious that the designer wanted to keep it in line with the modernity of the house and to keep that feeling of coziness, comfort, and layer. For him to keep the balance it took the implementation of sophisticated furniture, the right touch of playful details, and a serene earth tone palette.


Creating a nursery that is sophisticated yet to maintain the childish innocence is not an easy task, for sure! But here that’s not the case! The colors are unique and soft, and the design is interesting but simple. Babies are delicate and soft souls and their space should reflect that.

The Lion theme has come up since the baby was due in August, so it’s a Leo.

When the designer first began the back wall of this part of the room was a huge expanse of white. To escape the feeling like the crib is floating and un-anchored he swapped it with this mural wallpaper. It did fix the predicament and instead of shying away from the problem they decided to make the wall the intentional focal point with some warmth to it.

The designer highlights that the wallpaper is her favorite thing about the nursery and is obsessed with it. It feels like they created a dream world in reality.

Leaning toward serene earth tones is her thing and she truly believes that your home should be a sanctuary. In that sanctuary, you go to unwind, relax, and take a deep breath so the colors should really facilitate that.

Choosing a masculine color scheme was the right choice since their baby boy is going to grow into a little boy without using cliche nursery hues.

We are so happy to say that we love this traditional, classic design with a bold and modern twist. Tell us what you think!



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