Splendid ideas that will inspire you for your double room with crib

The arrival of a baby means a number of changes in its parents’ lives, including the organization and decoration of the home. Finally, a place must be set up for the , be it its own room or in a double room with a crib.

The division of this space between the parents and the baby can be due to the lack of an additional room or the decision to keep the child with them for the first months of life.

But when that happens, the questions remain: where to put the crib in the room? How to divide the space without disturbing the circulation in the room? How to organize items belonging to parents and babies?

In this article, we have put together some tips to help you divide and decorate the double room with a crib.

Where is the best place to put the crib in the double room?

Whether in a doubt room or in a special baby room, the recommendation is always the same: never place the crib next to the window. Direct sunlight (especially at the strongest times) is not beneficial for newborns. In addition, there is a risk of accidents.

On the other hand, placing the crib next to the bedroom door is a good choice. Becauseneighbouringghboring rooms you can inspect the crib and check whether the baby is doing well without having to enter the room. At the same time, the proximity to the door also ensures good air circulation and lighting in the room.

However, avoid placing the crib in the middle of the room! Always prefer to have one side leaning against at least one wall so you can move around the room without having to make long detours or bump into anything.

With that in mind, a corner of the room away from the window and facing the door is certainly the best place to place your baby’s crib.

How to divide and organize the space betbaby’s baby roomcouple’souple room?
Whether you have a large or small space, there is no way out: changes must be made. It is important to leave the room with only the furniture essential to the operation, to make room for the crib and dresser/changing table, creating a comfortable environment for everyone.

However, another important point is to divide the space between parent and baby furniture. That said, don’t keep the baby’s clothes and diapers in the same dresser or closet as hers, as this will only make the environment more disorganized.

Add a dresser to the side of the crib to concentrate baby items – and use the surface as a changing table! Oh, and don’t put the crib on one side and the dresser on the other, huh? Putting everything that belongs to the baby in one place ensures more practicality in everyday life and also better organization of the space. So everyone has their place in a double room with a crib.

Examples of how to set up a double room with a crib:










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