Top 6 Baby Cribs

crib is a key piece in a child’s room, before considering a model that will follow him throughout his childhood.

It must be chosen with the greatest attention because the baby’s sleep and his comfort are essential to his good development. The aesthetic aspect is also very important and your baby’s bed must of course meet your expectations in terms of decoration. Are your family growing and you want to buy a baby bed?

Here is a buying guide dedicated to the baby crib with bars!


An evolving baby bed allows you to grow up with a child from birth to early childhood. You should therefore not be mistaken when choosing the model that will decorate your room for years to come.

For this, you can bet on the Willox baby bed from La Redoute Interieurs, with its vintage spirit, its unique color, and its upgradeable system, which is a must-have in terms of upgradeable beds. This convertible crib has a removable bed rail that, when removed, turns it into a perfect booster seat for a child’s room.

All placed under the sign of comfort and practicality, with a bed base adjustable on demand and quality, with certified European manufacture.


If you are nostalgic for bed designs from your childhood and failing to pass yours on to your descendants, there are vintage-style crib designs. Where to find such nuggets will you ask me? We found a representative model of the genre at Maisons du Monde in the guise of the Sweet cribbed.

A white structure, compass legs, and beech rungs, it has a natural charm, likely to suit any style of a room.


White is white… Or the timeless color par excellence popular with all interiors. If you are not considering another color for your baby’s crib, We have what you need!

A design with vintage accents, immaculate white, and wooden feet that contrast gently, it has all the qualities required to create a cocoon atmosphere in the nursery.


Robust and timeless material par excellence, wood is one of the sure values ​​to adopt for its interior. Including the baby’s room, which will be sublimated with a natural charm.

This is evidenced by the small wooden bed, which is a choice setting with a sober finish. Cozy, ergonomic, and entirely made of solid beech, it also has a base adjustable in height in 3 positions for the comfort of parents!


Contemporary furniture is characterized by timeless and sober lines, which can be adapted to all decorative universes. A contemporary crib is no exception and can therefore meet all expectations in terms of style without forgetting the baby’s comfort. This baby cradle features a neutral but sharp design with a durable beechwood frame and a 2-position height-adjustable base.

The + of this model: it transforms into a junior bed, thanks to a conversion kit that you can get online.


Are you a fan of Nordic-inspired furniture? Then you can only succumb to the charms of this bed. Its clean lines and compass feet in light wood will delight fans of the genre. While it imposes style in terms of style, the Jimi baby crib has not forgotten to be ergonomic!

Evidenced by its adjustable bed base in 3 positions, which will spare the parents’ back and its absolute comfort guaranteeing optimal nights for the baby.


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