South Florida Interior Design Trends

As soon as you come to your new home or you just want to redo the interior it is important to know what and how to go with your plan. It can be a frustrating job because most of the people don’t know that much about renovating a home. Takes time, lots of planning and hiring a company that can do that for you. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to hire a company or to do that yourself, you have to know about interior design trends this year!


Everything nowadays is shiny and bright. People follow this trend in the area of interior design. South Florida is a sunny place so why bother confronting it by making your home darker? It is different from other parts of the country due to this fact so moving to South Florida from a distant city can be like moving to a different culture. But that doesn’t necessarily need to mean you shouldn’t do that. Anyway, by keeping your interior bright you will put your furniture on the spotlight. Also, psychological studies show that rooms that are bright reflect on your mood. That means that dark colors associate with bad mood while bright colors associate with a good mood. Use this to boost your mood every day!


You can use them to accomplish brightness. Make your home brighter by placing big windows inside your home. This way you will use the natural light without much investment in the house. The only thing you need to think about is how to tone it with the rest of the room.

Neutral colors

Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. People have tendencies to add more and more to the base so they go over the line that separates good taste from the bad one. Neutral colors and tones can never go out fashion so you can go with that. Also, if you change furniture, carpets, etc it is much easier to find suitable replacement.

Interior design trends tell us that neutral colors are more and more popular

Use neutral colors for your home

Vacation style

One of the newest interior design trends in South Florida is that you renovate your home like you are on a vacation. This brings a new feeling to the world ‘living’. Why work all year in order to afford a few days of vacation and relaxation? Work and rest in your home at the same time. To do this you can find a place for minibars and hammocks. We can all agree those are the most important aspects of every vacation so use it in order to make the perfect ambiance for a living.

Think simple

You don’t need much to achieve beauty. One of the interior design trends in South Miami is to make things simple. Don’t buy unnecessary stuff just to put more in your house. Some simple changes sometimes mean more than quantity.


Paintings on the wall can never go out of fashion and this design trend will always be popular. You can never go wrong with this. The important thing where you need to be careful is not to exaggerate. Don’t put too many paintings because they will put the walls in the background. The key is to combine the two in order to complete the view. Also, pick the right paintings. What we mean is that you mustn’t put the inadequate painting for the type of interior you want. If you can’t find the right one for your wall, you can always paint yourself according to the design. Paintings can put weight to the beauty of your home but it can also make it more ugly. Choose wisely.

You can never go wrong with adding some art on the wall

Put some paintings on the wall to make your home more beautiful


Mirrors nowadays don’t have the purpose just to allow us to look at ourselves, but to be an aesthetic detail. Also, mirrors are used to make your home look bigger. That is the illusion that fools your brain that you actually have more space than you actually have. Apartments and houses nowadays are built small so you can use this illusion to size up your home. Retro mirror frames are in trend so you can pick one of those and make your home more beautiful.


You can live outdoors and indoors at the same time. How? Buy plants for your home. We all know how nature can get brutal but also it offers so much beauty. When you buy plants we advise you to follow these tips when choosing:

  • Choose plants that are easier to maintain– This is a very important aspect when deciding what plant to get. We are talking about interior design trends in South Florida which means that you want them to lighten up your home. Reduce the amount of work you have to do around the plant!
  • Pick small– Depending on the size of your home, you can eighter pick big or small plants. If your apartment is smaller then you should think about getting plants that won’t take that much space but won’t be invisible. After all, you want to make your home more beautiful. If you are moving and already have some plants, don’t worry. Just hire Verified Movers and let the professionals do the transfer safely.
  • Don’t spend much– When choosing plants for your home, don’t pick expensive ones. South Florida is a place of extremes. The temperature there can go to high degrees so no matter how much water you provide for your plants, they probably won’t survive. This is why you should choose plants that don’t require that much water and aren’t that expensive.
This will put more life into your home

Put some plants to lighten up your home

Decorate your home by following interior design trends!

Designing an interior to your home can be a tough job. Lack of knowledge, lack of money, etc. But you don’t have to spend a lot to gain a lot. Interior design trends are constantly changing so it natural that you can’t keep up. The good thing is that you probably won’t renovate that much. If yes, you can even hire an expert that will do all the job for you according to your needs.

Follow interior design trends in order to renovate your home like a pro


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