Simple Things To Consider Getting A Restful Good Night’s Sleep

Researchers have often told that lack of proper sleep largely affects the immune system and in turn causes extreme stress and illness. Sleep deprivation is therefore associated with an increased risk of multiple chronic illnesses. From a recent study, it has been seen that sleep is also inextricably linked to important levels of hormones.

Simple tricks that help you fall asleep faster

  • Keeping a thank you log, where in you can maintain notes why you are happy and thankful for every evening, before going to bed.
  • A hard day at work, a bad day, and a bad experience does not allow one to sleep peacefully at night. So it’s better to either write it down in a diary or have a hearty chat with a loved one to free your mind. However, it is advisable to not do this immediately before going to bed but a little early in the evening. This process will allow you to log off from anxiety and allow you a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • It might sound as a funny exercise. However, counting backwards from 300 to 3 works wonders. This activity requires ample mental focus and distracts you from things about something else and serves as a relaxing process and keeps boredom at bay and promotes good night sleep.
  • One of the reasons that such breathing techniques are so effective for improving sleep is that they ease internal tension and anxiety that can prevent you from falling asleep.

Choosing a diet and mealtime can also affect your sleep

It’s highly advisable to refrain from drinking caffeine or aerated drinks a few hours before bedtime. If you are sensitive, your sleep can be affected if you consume caffeine often. However you can opt for organic tea or coffee in the early evenings. While this can make you fall asleep more quickly, studies show that drinking alcohol makes you more awake during the night, leaving you less rested in the morning.

It is believed that this is due to the chemical substance hypocretin in the brain that not only affects your appetite but also keeps you awake for longer hours. Eating before going to bed, or very late at night, when you usually sleep, can also reset your body’s internal clock. This will also accelerate the process of depletion of glycogen so that you can go into the fat burning regime.

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Develop a sleep rhythm

Our body likes regularity, especially when it comes to sleep. You can, therefore, choose fixed hours to get into your bed in the evening and get up in the morning. Also on weekends, it is smart to stick to those hours. Although that is not always easy at night, you can always put your alarm clock on time in the morning. Sleeping is best left out. That also applies to naps during the day. They only make sure that you doze off at night more difficult.

How many hours you have to spend between falling asleep and getting up depends on person to person. Do not, therefore, mirror yourself to family members or friends. They may need more or less sleep than you to survive the day.

Do not stay down

Although fixed times help, you should not lie awake in bed for too long. Can you still not sleep for twenty minutes? Do something different, preferably in another room. Do not crawl in your bed until you are tired.

Exit your day

When we crawl under the wool, the day must be over. Television, the internet and social media are not good closers. Instead, look for activities that make you quiet just before bedtime, such as taking a hot bath or reading relaxing literature.

Also, make sure your head is empty. Make a to-do list before bedtime, so that you do not have to remember anything at night. Are you worried? Write them down or talk about it with someone you trust.

Find a comfortable sleeping environment

Provide a sleeping environment that fully associates you with dreamland. Other activities, such as watching TV or surfing the internet, should be done in a different room.

Choosing a high quality bed would surely help you sleep better. Especially you’re suffer from sleep disorder or some other problems. A right mattress can make sure you sleep with the most comfortable position and keep you spine align right.

Light is an indicator for our brains that it is day and keeps us awake. So put your shutters down and turn off the light of your alarm clock. You can also dampen the light through the evening so that your body can prepare for the night. In the morning the reverse applies: half an hour before the rising, more and more light causes you to wake up more easily.

Things to avoid

Physical exercise during the early afternoon ensures that you sleep better at night. Playing sports just before bed is not a good idea.

Are you still hungry before bedtime? No problem, a small snack can do no harm at all. However, heavy meals are culprits. Do not try to drink too much, so you can avoid a night visit to the toilet. Certainly caffeinated and alcoholic drinks after dinner are not recommended. So you better leave your nightcaps.


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