Shoe rack for the entrance hall That Will Complement the Space

Do you know that story of leaving the world outside before entering the house? It has never been stronger since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world. With that, the habit of taking off your shoes before entering the house has become increasingly common. And where did they end up? Right in the entrance hall, compromising the organization and decoration of the environment. 

Luckily, you have a very simple solution to this problem. Do you know what it is? The shoe rack for the entrance hall. As if by magic, the shoes disappear, your hall is organized again, and, best of all, your home is free of the germs and bacteria that accumulate in shoes.

Tips for choosing the ideal shoe rack for the entrance hall


Rate the space

First of all: measure the space where you want to place the shoe rack. Without this, the risk of shooting yourself in the foot is very high. The shoe rack for the entrance hall must be practical and functional, so it cannot get in the way or obstruct the entrance door. 

Those with limited space can bet on vertical shoe racks installed directly on the wall. There are several models of this type, with doors, for example, that have a hinged opening system that saves space. 

If the entrance hall is a little more advanced, you can think of a larger shoe rack, in the form of a bench or even a built-in closet. Thus, in addition to shoes, it is possible to organize blouses, purses, and backpacks. 

Furniture color and style

The color and design of the furniture are super important in the composition of the entrance hall, after all, in addition to being in a noble environment of the house, this furniture will still occupy a good part of the space, drawing all the attention to itself.

Therefore, evaluate the style of the environment before choosing the shoe rack. A modern hall calls for furniture in neutral tones (white or woody), with a clean design and straight lines. 

A rustic hall, on the other hand, can invest in a shoe rack of the same style, made of handcrafted wood. 

Extra functions

The shoe rack doesn’t have to be just a shoe rack. When it comes to space utilization, the more functions an object has, the better. 

There are models that bring, in addition to the compartment for storing shoes, extra accessories, such as hooks and niches that can be used to store bags, coats, and even keys. 

Other types of shoe racks come with a bench option, which makes their use even more practical on a daily basis, as you now have support when putting on and taking off your shoes.


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