Shabby Chic Style In Your Bathroom

The elegance of this style is unmistakable and, in a sense timeless part is that it can be applied effortlessly at home. This will happen with the help of the beautiful accessories that will recreate the space and will bring the spirit of Shabby chic, the same as the handmade or distressed furniture and vintage fabrics, that are available in stores like modern reproductions.

The truth is that to get nowadays with accessories Shabby chic style is not too hard – home decorations are sold almost everywhere, vintage textiles you can find in almost every upholsterer. You may have a treasure right under your “nose”, through the basement, or in a nearby antique shop -there you will find any furniture that needs a little restoration.

If you want to enter Shabby chic style in your home, we suggest you to start with the bathroom. It is the perfect place where you can enter antique furniture and decorations, to make it more attractive and elegant. There are so many ideas today which can be found on the web that will help you to make wonderful Shabby chic bathroom. Today, we made one collection just to make your job easier and to help you to decorate your bathroom in Shabby chic style. Take a look below, and you will find inspiration to transform your bathroom in a Shabby chic masterpiece!


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