Sandwich Tiles – Advantages and Disadvantages

Also known as thermoacoustic tile, the sandwich tile is one of the best tile models when it comes to sealing and insulation. But it is not only for this reason that it has been standing out in the civil construction market.

In today’s post, you will get to know the sandwich tile better and understand why it is an option that should be considered when planning the roof (and other spaces in the house).

What is the Sandwich Tile?

The sandwich tile is formed by two metal sheets, mostly made of galvanized steel. Between these two sheets, there is a kind of insulator, which can be made of polyurethane or styrofoam, but polyurethane provides even better insulation.

It is precise because of this manufacturing process that makes the tile known as a sandwich tile. The interior of the tile is still formed by some other chemical materials – names that are difficult to pronounce – such as polystyrene and polyisocyanurate. All of them, together with the rock and the glass wool, guarantee the effectiveness of the sandwich tile.

Advantages x Disadvantages

As previously mentioned, the main indication of the sandwich tile is for thermoacoustic insulation, that is, to help reduce noise and temperature fluctuation.

For shops, concert halls, and bars this tile is perfect, mainly due to sound insulation, but nothing prevents it from being used in residential projects as well. Some sandwich tile manufacturers guarantee that sound insulation can reach up to 90%. But among the most interesting advantages is that this type of tile also acts in the control of fire outbreaks, making it a very safe option. The sandwich tile also does not absorb water, so it prevents the appearance of leaks and leaks.

The main disadvantage of sandwich tiles is in relation to price and application, which can only be done by specialized professionals. It is much more expensive than other tiles, but due to the qualities it offers, the result ends up being worth it.

Now check these 10 projects that bet on the use of sandwich tile:












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