Sakura House by Estudio PKa in Belen de Escobar, Argentina

Project: Sakura House
Architects: Estudio PKa
Location: Belen de Escobar, Argentina
Area: 4,843 sf
Photographs by: Alejandro Peral

Sakura House by Estudio PKa

The Sakura House is a wonderful contemporary dwelling located in Belen de Escobar in Argentina. It is surrounded by the Argentine Delta on a plot overlooking a lagoon. The contemporary design of this house aims to maximize access to the beautiful views while also keeping privacy at a sensible level. The home was designed by Estudio PKa – a studio whose work might feel familiar to you from our showcase of their C House project in Costa Esmeralda.

Surrounded by the Argentine Delta, implanted in a trapezoidal lot, overlooking a lagoon; Its north orientation, towards one of its sides, generated the inclusion of a light patio with abundant vegetation, which we also use as the entrance. It works as an articulator; as a transition between the street and the access to the house, it is the heart of it and all the circulations turn towards this space.

The west-facing façade has a sliding gate that is hidden when it opens, with the intention of generating a scenographic sensation towards pedestrian access through a path that changes its forms. The idea is to go through different sensations: first, we can appreciate the music room, with different instruments used by the family, which also eventually opens onto a multipurpose space, generating flexibility of environments. We continue walking and we find the central patio with abundant vegetation and the entrance door that is hierarchized with a wooden paneling that manages to make it go unnoticed.

If we keep moving forward, we can cross below a floating volume, which is the clients’ home office space, which in turn has a balcony to the double-height of the living room. This semi-covered frames the landscape and directs us towards the pool where the water mirror merges with the lagoon. From there we can enter the gallery directly, without going through the house.

On the south side, all services and supports are located.
The materialization of the house is of exposed concrete of boards combined with phenolic; It has a double wall, rpt dvh aluminum openings and travertine floors.

The staircase is one of the main elements, it is located in the entrance hall and in contrast to the exposed concrete that has its natural imprint, it unfolds in a light and warm way. They are loose steps, in-flight, and by means of an embedment system they give the sensation of being in flight.

Estudio PKa


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