How to Choose The Best Restaurant Table Design for Your Floor Plan?

When it comes to your restaurant’s concept, its floor plan is the deciding factor in setting the tone of the dining experience. Although the floor plan of your restaurant is made up of several elements like furniture, kitchen, décor or art pieces, etc., nothing is as powerful as the tables you select. Sure, your guests don’t visit your restaurant just for the dining tables, but it still has a lot of say in their dining experience. So, how do you layout a table in a restaurant? Well, apart from the aesthetic appeal, you must consider the table’s functional use, maintenance requirements, budget, etc., as well. Read on to know how to choose the best restaurant table design for your floor plan:

What Kind of Tables Do Restaurants Use?

Most restaurant owners mistake by isolating the restaurant furniture from its concept and floor plan. Restaurant tables are more than just a piece of furniture. They are the highlight of any dining room. As a restaurant owner, if you aspire to offer an unbeatable dining experience to your guests, selecting the perfect restaurant tables is seldom straightforward and requires a novel thought process. If you can’t decide which table design to choose for your restaurant, try considering your guests’ point of view and expectations.

What Are the Tips to Follow While Choosing Tables for Your Restaurant?

With the countless options in table design, material, and shape, selecting tables according to your restaurant floor plan might get intimidating. Here are some tips to help you make a thoughtful decision while choosing the perfect restaurant table design:

  • Understand spacing guidelines between tables from local authorities. How much aisle width must you leave? How much square footage do you need per customer? These factors decide the number of tables and the seating capacity of your restaurant.
  • The restaurant table design you select should blend naturally with the other design elements in your dining area to create the intended ambiance.
  • Go for different table sizes to accommodate varying diner groups and.
  • Mix a variety of table styles to create a stunning look that stands out from your competitor’s restaurant interior design.

Top 5 Restaurant Table Designs

Here are some evergreen and classy restaurant table design templates that offer a unique experience for your guests:

1. Bar Seating

Bar seating has evolved, and how! Gone are the days when the sole function of the bar was to offer temporary seating while the guests waited for their tables to open up. With guests showing interest in an interactive and casual dining experience, bar seating has become the go-to choice for many restaurant-goers. Compared with regular tables, bar seating has a shorter waiting time, quick service, and similar comfort & menu options. No wonder guests prefer this engaging and personalized dining experience, especially solo diners.

2. The Classic Booth

Ask any diner whether he would prefer a booth or a table! Most likely, their answer will be a booth. The classy, cozy, comfortable, exclusive booths continue to be the most popular type of restaurant seating. They offer a private space for your guests to enjoy a memorable meal with their loved ones. Moreover, there is less chance of disturbance from the other guests or your staff. No wonder they are the favorite amongst your guests.

Even for restaurant owners, booths are perfect as you don’t need a lot of aisle width or separation. Although they require a considerable upfront cost, they are space-efficient and save money in the long run. For example, while a conventional four-person table and chair set takes up around 35 square feet (5000 square inches), an equivalent booth requires only 20 square feet (3000 square inches).

3. High Top Tables & Stools

High-top tables and stools offer the ultimate flexibility in your dining room and work with any restaurant layout plan. Want to accommodate a group of eight guests at a table for six? Just grab two stools! Also, such flexibility encourages conversation and makes the gathering social.

A high-top table and stool set up is perfect for parties or events where your guests can join the gathering or leave without disturbing others. One such example is a place to hang out for after-work drinks where workmates can come and go after finishing their work. Similarly, high-top tables and stools are suitable for bars, pubs, and other relaxed restaurants. However, despite being stylish and trendy, stools get uncomfortable for longer duration seating.

4. The Picnic Style Banquet Table

Another causal option that has recently become popular is the picnic-style banquet restaurants that feature long tables. These multi-purpose tables are ideal for socializing in casual setups like wineries, breweries, food parks, etc. You can use such long tables to host larger groups. Additionally, you can create a concept of sharing personal space by inviting your guests to interact and eat together. In a nutshell, long, picnic-style banquet tables are innovative in creating a brand image and help stand out from the competition.

5. Sofas and Coffee Table Styles Seating

Nothing says luxury and comfort like cushioned sofas. From outdoor couches to lavish sofas alongside fireplaces, sofas with coffee table style seating fits everywhere. They offer a relaxed ambiance and comfortable seating to your guests for a pleasant dining experience. Whether it is a snack break or a romantic date, a quick drink with buddies, or an evening coffee, sofas alleviate the ambiance in every setting. While sofas with coffee tables are perfect for appetizers and drinks, they are seldom appropriate for full meals as they use low-height tables.

Summing it up

If you intend to offer an unforgettable dining experience to your guests, you have to master every aspect of your restaurant business. As you might have guessed by now, finding the perfect restaurant table design is seldom straightforward as there is no sure-shot formula.

This article discusses the impact of table design on your restaurant business, design considerations, and some practical examples of table designs. Hopefully, these tips will guide you in selecting the perfect restaurant table design that not only creates a cohesive ambiance but takes it to a whole new level instead.


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