Reform Your Kitchen With These Ideas That Will Cost You Less

Reforming the kitchen is always a good idea, especially if we have to cover new needs that the current design does not allow you. Now, the price can skyrocket and make renovating a necessity a headache. For this reason, we propose you a guide on how to reform your kitchen successfully and at a much more affordable price. Everything will depend, of course, on the materials chosen as well as the size and details selected.

Save 25% if you don’t remove the tiles

Use the self-supporting liners that cover the old ones. They consist of a structure to which the finishing material is screwed. Behind, the wall remains the same and a camera is gained to hide installations, wiring …

  • Put a backing. If you have tiles up to the ceiling, instead of removing them, cover them with a wood veneer or DM board and then paint it. Or install a sheeting of sheetrock glued to the wall or attached to a frame.
  • Or a false ceiling. On the ceiling, you can install a false ceiling made of plaster, tongue and groove wood, or a plywood board. It will be used to hide spotlights or to embed a hood.

Save 20% with ‘dry’ systems

They are materials that do not need wet masonry, so labor is saved and the reform is shortened. Includes self-supporting coatings. 

  • Floors and walls. A classic of floors that are installed over the old one: tongue and groove laminates (see; the installation, about € 45 / m 2. If you leave the furniture, you have to cut the skirting of the furniture and put it a little under these. On the other hand, there are very thin, XXL-format porcelain sheets that go to the wall and renew it without having to chop.
  • The countertop. With porcelain plates, the countertop is changed (depending on the material its price varies; the cheapest, a laminate, would cost about € 30 / m) without removing the old one. They are also used to cover the front of the furniture, which considerably reduces the cost of the work (laminate furniture for a 6 m 2 kitchen, without electrical appliances, can cost around € 6,000).
  • Windows and doors. They can replace only the sheet, both of one and the other, leaving the sub-frame. To gain light and spaciousness, put glass doors and try to avoid the panels.

Adjust to the standard measurements and save 20%

Everything that is made to measure is more expensive, it is a fact. Therefore, everything that you can adjust to what manufacturers or stores already have in stock will mean a considerable saving in money and time.

  • The countertop. Try to buy it with a standard length because those of special or personalized measures go up in price and take longer to arrive. It’s worth it even if you can’t take advantage of it all.
  • If you can, put an island. It is better than changing the furniture and does not involve other items. Remember that there must be 90 cm around to be able to move comfortably.

It’s not worth saving on…

  • Isolation. Acoustics and thermals, waterproofing, windows … they save you money.
  • Furniture fittings. If they are bad, you will have to pay for unnecessary repairs in the long run.
  • The installations. Since you have to open walls and floors to change them, they better be good.

How is a budget divided?

  • 40%: Masonry, cladding, and lighting (10% is taken by the change of facilities).
  • 35%: Furniture.
  • 20%: Household appliances
  • 5%: The countertop (20% if it is quartz).

Face your low-cost reform like this

  • Don’t overload. Do the basics and the rest, over time. A priority list can help you a lot.
  • Control the budget. Keep an exhaustive control of all expenses and do not trust the “all-inclusive”.
  • Make it in winter. It can be up to 20% cheaper, in summer companies are busier.
  • Seek professional advice. Even if it is a small increase compared to a renovation company, an interior designer will help you save by giving you concrete solutions.

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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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