Advantages Of Reforming With Ceramics

t is well known that using ceramics is one of the best options when renovating any room in our home. And it is that, with adequate investment and a good job, shocking changes can be achieved that gives a new life to our home.

Also, ceramic wall and floor tiles have benefits such as their resistance to scratches, their recyclability or their inalterability, characteristics that other materials do not have. Its ease of dressing any room makes it the best option for any space since the enormous aesthetic variety of ceramics makes it adapt to the requirements of any reform, comprehensive or planned in phases.

1. In kitchens and bathrooms

In recent months that we have spent at home, the kitchen has become the protagonist of our home and a refuge for many. During the confinement, the supermarkets ran out of stocks of flour, eggs, and all kinds of food to cook pastries, and practically all of us dared to come up with new recipes to delight our cohabitants.

Knowing that the use that we give to the kitchen now is much more than what we gave it a few years ago, why not make a renovation and adapt the space to our tastes and needs?

With small transformations, we can achieve big changes, and ceramic is the perfect material to carry them out: it does not absorb stains, prevents the proliferation of germs and bacteria, and is easy to clean.

The bathroom, on the other hand, is another of the rooms in the home where cleanliness is most important. To renew this space, ceramic is also a perfect ally for its antibacterial properties, but also for its non-slip finishes to avoid slipping and accidents in the shower.

2. Comfort and warmth

To dress rooms such as the living room or dining room, achieving a more welcoming space, ceramics with pastel tones and beige, gray, and terracotta ranges. Besides, there are collections with motifs and colors that fit with any project and style of our home.

What’s more: for complete comfort, a radiant heating system can be included under the floor to keep the house warm during winter. In these cases, ceramic becomes the best alternative thanks to its ability to conduct and store heat, being able to withstand changes in temperature without suffering alterations.

3. Small changes with big results

Ceramic is a perfect material to adapt any room to new needs. Do we need a telework zone? By covering the floor with new pavement and renovating the decoration, we can turn any space into an area dedicated to work. Also, if we have the option, we can open this area creating an open room as an extension of a bedroom or living room, achieving a greater sense of spaciousness.

4. Integrate stays

We often think that our homes lack size, but it often happens that they are organized in an inefficient way that makes them seem smaller, occupying useless spaces.

Remodeling and joining spaces in the house can help us to take advantage of every square meter of our home, and what better than doing it with ceramic touches? Integrating the kitchen into the living room is one of the best options to achieve a feeling of greater space. In these cases, large-format ceramic enhances the effect of visual continuity, achieving a feeling of enormous space.

5. New life to outdoor spaces

After confinement, we have learned to value balconies and terraces. Who has not enjoyed reading under the sun on the terrace?

To get the most out of each corner of these spaces, ceramic becomes the ideal material to condition these areas: its durability, resistance to wear and tear, and easy maintenance are added to its multiple formats and designs, offering endless solutions to dress any space exterior according to the style of our home.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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