Professional Layouts for a Welcoming and Clutter-Free Entryway

It is customary that the first impression is always the right one. If we adopt the saying to interior architecture, the entrance would be the first of the rooms to pay the price. How to arrange a beautiful entrance so that it makes a “good impression”? The answer: by favoring arrangements likely to declutter it in a jiffy, to remove the many undesirables likely to hang around after a hard day, the inevitable shoes, coats, handbags, keys… Furnishing professionals compete with tailor-made solutions to visually declutter and meticulously store this passageway. Series of cupboards, decorative coat hooks, high storage, and optimized benches: here is an overview of the best professional fittings to create an orderly and decorative entrance, of course.

A cozy entrance with invisible storage

In this entrance to a Parisian apartment, nuances of character and tailor-made joinery work to clarify the space. By betting on a deep total look, interior designer Thibaut Picard sought to borrow the aesthetic codes of the classic hotel room and its structured entrance. To copy this vocabulary specific to the hotel world, he imagined a bench corner framed by invisible cupboards. A set that has the virtue of creating a breath of fresh air in the heart of this blind corridor and at the same time making a very good impression. 

A hallway entrance with high storage

Tailor-made fittings are not the only solution for clarifying the first room of a home from the start. To reinforce the optimization provided by cupboards located high up and a series of coat hooks, the architect Margaux Carnevali repainted the walls of the entrance – and the cupboards included – in a mustard yellow which has the effect of drawing a passage naturally bright and clean. Extremely effective topstitched with a highly attractive colored character!

An entrance with a two-in-one piece of furniture to unify the space

To declutter your entrance with style, there is no question of multiplying colors and furniture. This is the whole idea of ​​this two-in-one piece of furniture by Studio Castille which is placed in a corner of the entrance. As an extension of an intelligent, curved bench seat, a discreet radiator cover is essential, on its upper part a small niche can accommodate a storage compartment and small decoration, while a suspended piece of furniture offers a zone of additional storage always useful for such a space. This piece of furniture, like the walls, has an off-white slightly upgraded with authentic wood touches. A simple and effective combination for an entrance that commands attention.


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