Pretty Bedding Sets For Children

Your child’s bed remains the central element of his room, so much so that it is wrapped in a pretty duvet cover. Because, like the small decoration, the wallpaper or the carpet, the bed set creates the style of the child’s room.

What material for a children’s duvet cover? 

If it is easy to choose a model of a children’s duvet cover for its colours or its patterns, it is not the same for the quality of the material. Opt for a cotton bedding set for natural suppleness and softness. Absorbent, hypoallergenic and healthy, cotton breathes, which makes it soft, comfortable and ideal for a child. Prefer cotton percale with a smooth and matte appearance which, in addition to being a very soft material, has a long life and never loses its new appearance.

Bet on washed linen which, apart from its authentic look, is one of those materials that become more and more beautiful over the washes without ever deforming. Most? It requires no ironing and even if wrinkled, it remains very elegant. Finally, polyester-cotton has the advantage of combining the qualities of natural fibre with those of synthetic fibre. Cheaper than pure cotton, it is also easier to maintain. Dry in the blink of an eye, non-shrink, and almost wrinkle-free, it resists repeated washing perfectly.

What looks like a children’s duvet cover?  

Children’s bed linen is modelled on adult trends. On the colour side, the duvet cover opts for powdery and timeless shades sometimes twisted by patterns. Pink and blue are still popular in children’s rooms, but yellow and green are making a comeback. You can choose the jungle theme, give the Universe in your kid’s hands, and the small animals of the forest invite themselves on the duvet covers of the season. 










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