Practical Advices For Proper Maintenance Of Laminate Floors

The durability of floor coverings depend on a great extent on how it is treated and maintained. The laminate, in this context, is not different. Although it’s easy to maintain, there are a couple of tips that we should certainly adhere to, if we want it to retain its look, but also its functionality, as long as possible. The laminate is one of the floor coverings with strict instructions for use when it comes to the maintenance. As one of the things that the laminate does not endure is the moisture and the water, of course, and that is also one of the first rules that should be followed. Generally, cleaning the laminate with a dry cloth should be done regularly, or daily, as dust and impurities will not accumulate.

Another thing that the laminate does not tolerate, is brushes with rough hair. Therefore, it is necessary to use soft brushes to clean the laminate, which will not damage the surface of the laminate. Also, when it comes to laminate, it is much better to use a broom to remove surface impurities, than a vacuum cleaner. In addition to daily maintenance with a dry cloth, the laminate is occasionally necessary to clean and thoroughly, in terms of the use of some liquid. What is definitely the safest, is to use a cloth that has been previously soaked in lukewarm water or a laminate cleaning agent.

There are a large number of products on the market that are designed specifically for the cleaning of laminates. No type of abrasive is allowed when it comes to this kind of wood covering. After this, it is always necessary to use a dry cloth so that no moisture is retained on it. What should also be avoided are glow or wax agents because they form thin fat layers that can not be easily removed, and whose removal would permanently damage the laminate. And in the end, remember, the cleaning of the laminate is not suitable and is not the same for the cleaning of the parquet, or other kind of floor coverings.



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Author: Ana Duovska


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