Perspective Office by Slash Architects in Mersin, Turkey

Project: Perspective Office
Architects: Slash Architects
Location: Mersin, Turkey
Area: 44,132 sqft
Photographs by: Courtesy of Slash Architects

Perspective Office by Slash Architects

In Perspective Office, located in Mersin/Turkey, Slash Architects have re-designed an existing shell of an under-construction building. Re-writing the planning and the façade of an existing construction; the designers have edited the whole layout considering to emphasize the façade of the shopping units and creating a lively green environment for the office workers.

Due to its unique location and mixed-use setting, the building offers a sustainable lifecycle. The shops that are located on the ground floor creates public usage for both the civilians and the residents of the offices above. These shops work as an inverse duplex activating the gardens on the east side of the building. Buildings architectural approach is to intervene the outside and inside sensation. By the existence of vertical gardens the office residents are isolated. The wooden blinds that are located according to the light are creating an environment where you can comfortably work in a climate such as Mersin.

Slash Architects

Slash Architects’ first building in Mersin, one of the big towns in Turkey, is a four stories mixed-use building. The building is located in an area where there are a lot of hospitals and universities. The building aims to host mostly students of universities and workers of the hospitals around.

Considering the different characteristics of shopping and offices, the design has been shaped around segregating these two functions on the façade according to their needs. The building has a dominant shopping base that is one story high on the ground floor and two stories high at the backside. These shopping units are designed as reverse duplexes which invite the customers from the front façade and offers them a garden in the back downstairs. This allows the restaurants and cafes to have different alternatives of outside sitting experiences. The front façade, facing the main road serves for customers who want to have a quick breakfast before work whilst the back garden allows users to have a more chilled out experience of dining in a quiet and calm environment.

As the front façade serves for customers of shops, the office building has a segregated entrance on the back façade, facing the side road. Considering the hot climate conditions the designer has installed sun-blinds made out of wood in order to create a double façade for the building. These sun-shades help the building to resist the hot weather conditions for the workers of the office.

The existing construction had lots of balconies which were located. The façade has an envelope of wooden sun-blinds held by a horizontal grid system which allows the building to create inner gardens where a lot of greenery is integrated. Looking outside from the interior of the office, the office employees are segregated from the noisiness of the city and they feel at ease.


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