Pastel Kitchen Inspirations That Will Make Your Home Sweet and Chic

Whether it’s in our wardrobe or our interior, pastel colors never cease to catch our eye, for a deliciously retro look. Not easy, however, to dose them well so as not to transform our house into an altar of girly. In the kitchen especially, where accessories and furniture often coexist in a rather limited space, care must be taken not to overdo it. Here are our best tips for successfully decorating a pastel kitchen that is not at all kitsch.

What pastel color for a kitchen?

First advice, and not least, we will abstain as much as possible from the 100% pastel look for our kitchen, which would result in a very marshmallow Barbie atmosphere, bordering on hyperglycemia!
This will avoid associating walls painted in a pastel tone with pastel kitchen furniture, a pastel splashback, or a pastel floor. Whether or not they are the same color, you will need to rest your gaze a little in the room. and to offer a decorative breath thanks to more neutral tones that will highlight your pastel choices.

For a pastel kitchen with character, we will be satisfied with a few well-thought-out and gourmet-colored touches, such as kitchen accessories in soft colors (crockery, linen, boxes, etc.), small pastel household appliances, or even decorative accessories. like a small rug or a clock. The pastel trend is not weakening and is increasingly integrating the kitchen, so you will have no trouble finding something to color your room.

If you will obviously select the pastel tones that have your preferences, keep in mind that you should avoid too many mixtures of pastel colors, and rather play on the nuances if you can. Limit yourself to a maximum of three colors, more or less present in the room, and do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialized store to create a color palette that suits you.

How to personalize your pastel kitchen?

As you know, light can define the mood of a room, and this is even more true in a pastel kitchen where the colors will express themselves differently depending on how they are illuminated. So give maximum preference to natural kitchen lighting, which will do wonders for pastel tones, especially if you have opted for white walls: clarity will then be maximum in your kitchen, ideal for a living room.

Finally, the pastel decoration is not reserved for the most romantic among us! You can adapt it to your taste by favoring certain associations such as wood to follow the Scandinavian style, stainless steel for a more modern atmosphere, and more graphic lines for a design result that will surprise more than one.









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