Our tips for optimizing the space in your home

At a time when square meters are expensive, it is important to learn how to optimize the space of the place where we live. Sometimes all it takes is a few very simple changes to feel like you’ve gained volume!

Space-saving bedroom furniture

In a bedroom, for example, we will opt for a retractable bed: you know, this bed that we fold completely against the wall to make it disappear! It is a practical solution when you have to furnish a student studio or when you simply want to install a bed for your guests in an office. Another option: is the convertible sofa, which offers a real bed while occupying less space.

Always looking to optimize your storage, you can also bet on a bench chest which will allow you to store many things. The storage bed is also an interesting solution because it has plenty of storage space, especially for blankets, duvets, and all winter linen.

Space-saving furniture for the living room

In the living room, we will think about adopting nesting coffee tables: you know, this set of two or three coffee tables that are stored one under the other! Thus, it allows you to benefit from a beautiful space to enjoy, without cluttering up too much on a daily basis.

Space-saving furniture for the dining room

In the dining room, choose an extendable dining table: with its integrated extensions, it is perfect for entertaining without taking up too much space in the room once everything is put away! 


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