Original central island – Inspirations to copy for a unique decorative kitchen

The year 2023 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of kitchen design as it embraces unparalleled freedom of expression, not only in its arrangement but also in the selection of materials. The central island serves as a prime conduit for this movement, championing uniqueness. It now serves multiple purposes, functioning as a workspace, a dining area, a visual divider between different sections of the kitchen, and a decorative element that injects a dose of personality and originality into the heart of the home, which is constantly evolving.

Which original kitchen island to choose?

This piece of furniture, with numerous functional qualities, is now reimagined as a sculptural work that transcends its traditional role. The modern central island boasts daring coverings that demand attention, from colored zelliges to textured facets and even monumental marble feet. This bold and unique interpretation of the kitchen space offers a pure sculptural form that still maintains functionality or an exuberant monolith that doubles as storage. Take inspiration from these stunning examples of original central islands.






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