6 Kitchen Islands That Are Pure Inspiration!

Do you want to have a magazine kitchen? 

Thanks to the fact that the kitchens have more and more prominence in a house and the reform options are multiplied every year ( open the kitchen, place glass fronts, make yourself with white marble furniture or calacatta … the trends add and follow! ) there are fashions that do not stop and this is the case of the kitchen islands. They are the great lesson of style, the trick to have a kitchen (very) organized and in order, the secret to not having – never more – excuses and not being a real kitchenette and lead a healthy life, that, and much more!

Kitchen islands for all tastes

There are small, large, marble, wooden, with wheels, with storage system, with sink and cooking area … The options are endless and go to the chef’s taste. Therefore, we advise you to think about what style you like the best and what lifestyle you lead before getting a kitchen island. For example, if you are one of those who run in the morning, turn your kitchen island into a breakfast bar. If, on the contrary, you like to cook calmly and thoroughly, why not get the cooking zone in it and put yourself in the shoes of a real chef?

Do you fancy having a remarkable kitchen island but would you like it to be different from the rest of the kitchen? An expert trick: get an old piece of furniture, restore it if necessary and place a custom board on top, a great idea that will also allow you to choose the materials you like best: marble, wood, iron, stone …

In the gallery that we offer below, you can be inspired by the different kitchen islands that we have selected and you will see that they are all different!

1. Cook on the Island

Placing the cooking zone on the kitchen island is a great idea to feel like a real chef (and to take advantage of the sides to place cabinets).

2. Industrial Style

A stainless steel kitchen island will turn your kitchen into a replica of a restaurant kitchen, perfect for preparing your menus with space and in the most organized way. Besides, this material combines perfectly with all colors.

3. With White and Gold Marble

White marble or calacatta gives that elegant and fresh air to any space where this material predominates. Combine it with golden details and the delicacy will be served.

4. XXL Kitchen Island

If you have a large kitchen, take the opportunity to get an XXL kitchen island and turn it into storage, office and space furniture to prepare your recipes.

5. Office and Sink 2 in 1

The kitchen islands are not only used to prepare your menus. You can also place the sink and turn it, in turn, into office.

6. A Storage System

Take advantage of the kitchen island to store and hang your kitchen battery and thus, have everything at hand. The kitchen island of the image is the Vadholma model, in black and wood, from IKEA.


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