Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas That Will Leave a Unique Print on Any Space

Open shelving? Really? Yes, yes, yes! And we will show you why it’s a yes. To please both minimalist and maximalist décor lovers, there’s only one kitchen design, and it’s called open shelving! When done right, you can expect the perfect balance between showcasing your to-go kitchen essentials and displaying your favorite décor without looking over cluttered. According to most of the interior designers experts this is the neediest thing in your kitchen space. This is absolutely the first thing you should do like right now. One of those experts says that it definitely helps your kitchen to remain light and minimal, only displaying the everyday essentials that are both functional and decorative. Also you can see what is working the best for you, what you exactly need at arm’s length as you cook. The best way to stay organized when everything is always on display is open shelving.

Just don’t rob our functional spaces of beautiful objects, because the open-shelving offers the opportunity to infuse décor into a space where you normally wouldn’t thin to inject it.

It can make your kitchen look so luxurious that you can implement a lot of fun with glass tints and mounting hardware fro a truly special look. Usually the open shelving thing is more visible in the rustic and farmhouse designs, but also there is nothing wrong with seeing this classic and elegant look of delicate glass shelving with brass accents.

Some people according their personal styles got included a lot of decor elements in their open shelf design. Table lamps, mirror, art are just few of those designs and are unique ways to layer, but also you can add mixed materials too, like textured, shiny, smooth and matte ceramics. So if you had a lot of questions about this subject we hope we delivered the right answers you needed to hear. This is just a small proof that you can actually nail the open shelving aesthetic without making your kitchen look like a storage closet.

Here are the tips on how to make the open shelving kitchen even more beautiful!

Plan Ahead

Image Credit | Tessa Neustadt

Back splash & Counters

Image Credit | Kyle Ortiz

Decorate with everyday essentials

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Add Greenery

Image Credit | Hello Magazine

Keep Clutter in Mind

Image Credit | Eron Rauch


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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