18 Practical Kitchen Island Designs With Open Shelving

The kitchen is the room where usually we need a loot storage space. If you have small kitchen, you need to organize it properly to prevent it from chaos. Big kitchen also needs functional organization. You need to make the more as possible storage items, to store all your kitchen stuff and all the supplies. Usually, all the kitchen cabinets have space for storing many products. But if that space is not enough, you need to find some clever ideas to make extra storage space. In many cases you can do that with installing more shelves, adding some boxes and baskets, or making place for hanging some items on the wall.

But today we present you one brilliant idea. You can transform the kitchen island into functional storage item, if you make it with open shelves. Here you can store many items, such as kitchen supplies, fruits, some decorative items, or maybe some books. Kitchen island is always wonderful solution for extra storage space in every kitchen.

Today there are so manu modification of the kitchen island. You can find it in every style, form and color. You need to find that kitchen island which will be suitable your you kitchen and will fit in the rest of the interior. Below you can see some amazing examples how to make functional kitchen with extra storage space!


Image via Ed Gohlich


Image via Casey Dunn Photography


Image via Nat Rea


Image via Joel Barbitta D-Max Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


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