Open kitchen: the most beautiful inspirations

The open kitchen is still talking about it. This is often found in the heart of living spaces, where a dynamic pace and generous atmosphere are prevalent. There are many beautiful open kitchens that you should explore. These are the ones that will make you want to adopt them.

Why choose an open kitchen?

One of the biggest advantages of having an open kitchen is its ability to provide a larger living space, as well as being more family-friendly. Those who love to cook can use this space as an extension of their dining room and living room. However, it will require some effort to maintain and clean this space.

Our tips for a successful layout of your open kitchen:

  • Even if there are two separate living spaces in the house, you still have to play on the same principles. For instance, if you have a wooden kitchen, it is better to have the same look in the living room as well.
  • Having visual boundaries is also important to ensure that the living spaces are separated. If there’s a central island, you can use it to limit the kitchen area. In addition, a good carpet can be used in the living room.

  • In addition, we will also consider investing in some pretty kitchen accessories. These will be visible from the living room.

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