Norrish House by Herbst Architects in New Zealand

Project: Norrish House
Architects: Herbst Architects
Location: New Zealand
Photographs by: Whit Preston

Norrish House by Herbst Architects

The Norrish House is a stunning modern dwelling located in New Zealand. It is a single-story home situated among a beautiful landscape with access to soothing views. The home was designed by Herbst Architectsa studio you could be quite familiar with as we’ve already showcased some of their projects such as the Kawakawa House and a few others.

The house is sited on a large undulating lifestyle block.

In order to define a zone for human habitation that offers respite from the changeable weather the building has been ordered around a courtyard.

The courtyard with its series of linked pavilions bounding it on 3 sides is open on the 4th.

This open end focuses the occupant’s attention on a sweeping bucolic scene.

The pavilions have a layer of sliding cedar shutters on the courtyard side which give the spaces behind privacy that can be playfully adjusted.

An axial element punctures the courtyard. This element with its associated roof and raised ground plane forms the entry on arrival and a formal connection with the site on exit.

Herbst Architects


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