NGÂU House by Limdim House Studio in Vietnam

Project: NGÂU House
Architects: Limdim House Studio
Area: 861 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Do Sy

NGÂU House by Limdim House Studio

Drawing inspiration from the Ngâu tree with its small leaves, vitality, and beauty, the architects have crafted a truly enchanting living space in the form of the Ngâu house. Nestled in a small alley within a residential area designated for university professors, this project strikes a delicate balance between modernity and the charm of the surrounding residences.

By ingeniously incorporating old doors and modern details, the house exudes nostalgic allure while seamlessly blending into the communal atmosphere that has flourished over the years.

Meticulously planned to overcome the challenges of its narrow location, the house boasts a warm color palette, with earthy tones and fired clay tiles enhancing its rustic appeal. The exterior, adorned with glazed ceramic tiles in shades of green and ethnic patterns, beautifully contrasts the raw, earthen front yard, creating a unique and harmonious haven for its residents.

Ngâu is the name of a type of tree with small leaves, vigorous vitality, and exquisite beauty, which is the direct inspiration for this project’s design. This house is in a small alley, part of a collective residential area designated for university professors. Therefore, when conceptualizing the design for this house, the architects aimed to present something novel yet harmonious with the surrounding residences.

By utilizing some old doors and incorporating them thoughtfully into the space along with modern details, we seek to preserve the nostalgic charm of this new house, ensuring it complements the communal atmosphere that has developed over many decades. The communities who have lived here and moved on have contributed to an ambiance that is not overly contemporary but neither outdated for this neighborhood. That is what we aim to maintain in this project. Due to the challenges posed by the narrow alley location, we meticulously planned the design from the outset, allowing for the most convenient construction process while minimizing disruption to the long-established character of this neighborhood.

The predominant color scheme of the house consists of brown, earthy orange, and the red hues of fired clay tiles, along with the warm tones of wood. Additionally, we have employed small, meticulously arranged mosaic tiles in various areas to create focal points within the structure. Furthermore, we have combined different types of linen and bamboo mesh curtains to introduce a raw, natural touch to the house. Though we understand that using such curtains may entail some complexity, we prioritize them to enable the residents to experience the traditional lifestyle through their daily activities.

For the exterior, the project features glazed ceramic tiles in shades of green, adorned with ethnic patterns, complemented by a raw, earthen front yard made of clay bricks, resulting in the essential contrast that accentuates the rustic appearance of the fence, adding a unique touch to the house. In conclusion, the Ngâu house, with its combination of modernity and antiquity, uniqueness, and harmony, will create an enchanting living space for its occupants while preserving its distinctive identity within this collective residential area.

Limdim House Studio


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