New York Cities With the Most Beautiful Landscape

The Empire state is probably one of the most popular states in the country. It’s loved by international tourists, but also American residents who are looking for a better place for live. NYC is obviously one of the most popular attractions, yet the state is favored for some other reasons, as well. People visit it for it’s beautiful nature and spectacular views, and this post is going to give you more insight on it. If you’re planning to move to this state, or simply visit it for fun, you should know about the New York Cities with the most beautiful landscape ever.

NYC – the skyline you’ll never forget

We need to state the obvious first – New York City will give you the view on one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. The atmosphere, busy streets and building lights blend into to the most magnificent view. There are plenty of places you can get the best view of the city, but we recommend Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sunset Park, Hunters Point South Park or The Floating Pool at Barretto park in Queens. Pick your favorite place and enjoy the most spectacular view ever.

However, if you feel like moving to New York, be sure to explore both advantages and disadvantages of moving here. NYC is surely one of the most popular cities in the world, yet the life here is not for everyone.

NYC skyline

NYC will take your breath away.

Shelter Island

New York residents love to enjoy their vacation on the Shelter Island. It’s an island town with many romantic hotels where you can stay to be able to enjoy the true beauty of this location. It’s a place that inspired different films and books, which clearly shows that there’s something special about this island.

The Hamptons

Even if you’re not from the USA, you’ve probably heard about the Hamptons. Being one of the top vacations spots for many Americans, this place offers amazing beaches, beautiful nature and many restaurants and bars. However, it’s considered to be an upscale location, so expect to pay more for accommodation and other services.


The city is located in the Finger Lakes region, which results in Ithaca being on the list of New York Cities with the most beautiful landscape. However, it’s not the lakes that take your breath away – it’s the waterfalls all around the city. There are about 150 waterfalls or gorges surrounding this beautiful city, so if you’re looking for a relaxing location to enjoy your vacation, this is the place to go.


This lovely town is located in Essex County, NY and has a population of about 1,200. However, even though it’s quite small, it’s home to one of the most beautiful places in the state.  If you’re looking for the most beautiful landscapes in NY, go hiking to the Whiteface Mountain’s Staircase. This place will remind you of the Great Wall of China and take you to an adventure. Hiking on this trail ensures you’ll enjoy some spectacular views, so be sure to include this place to your itinerary.


Canandaigua is named after one of the Finger Lakes – Canandaigua Lake. Staying in this city will give you access to this amazing body of water, where many people spend their summer vacation days. Renting a pontoon boat, hiking, and so many other activities are available around the lake. It’s impossible to get bored here, enjoying amazing views of the nature and relax. And if you decide to call this place a home – moving long-distance doesn’t need to be bothersome. Just be sure to hire experienced movers who will help you get to your new place safely and not damage any of your belongings. Visiting Canandaigua before the move will help you get to know the area better and see what are the best locations for your new home.

Lake Placid

Even though it’s technically smaller than a city, we can’t resist mentioning lake Placid as one of the New York cities with the most beautiful landscape. Here you can enjoy a day with the most spectacular and scenic views, and do many activities on the lake. Combination of the water, forest and mountains make a perfect background for an amazing day spent with your family.

Moving to New York State

It’s not uncommon for causal visitors to fall in love with beautiful landscapes of NY. After visiting this beautiful state, people find out about the great quality of life here and decide to stay. Even though living here is something to be excited for, it’s also normal for you to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the moving process.

Experienced movers from always suggest careful planning of the move. From booking their moving services and scheduling your moving day, to gathering packing supplies, updating your address, etc. – plan everything to detail. Give yourself enough time to take care of everything to avoid being overwhelmed and not enjoying your move to New York.

Also, if you plan on renovating your new home, be sure to do it before you move in. Renovation projects are much easier to do if there are less items inside the house, and if there are no residents. Therefore, plan the project before the move and make everything easier and faster.

Finally, plan your moving and renovation budget very carefully. Both of these projects can easily make you overspend, so listing all the costs and comparing quotes is necessary. Don’t leave anything to chance, but be sure to know exactly how much everything costs.


We can conclude this very easily – there are many New York cities with beautiful landscape. It’s only up to you to pick them and have the best weekend getaway or vacation ever. And maybe there’s a chance to even stay there for good and make NY your home.


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