You Can Still Renovate Your Home With Bad Credit – This Is How

For individuals with bad credit, there are several home improvement financing options available to you.


A home renovation project may be pricey, and some people with poor credit may struggle to qualify for a home renovation loan. People with terrible credit may get them from several lenders, which is fortunate. Loans often cover these expenses, but the best home renovation loans are typically reserved for customers with excellent or exceptional credit.Β  You may be worried about acquiring personal loans for these types of needs if your credit is below average or even terrible, but; there are accessible alternatives for bad credit loans for you.

Financing Options

In addition to banks, credit unions, and building societies, private lenders can now provide financing solutions that are competitive in terms of rates and lending possibilities. What are your available choices if you have poor credit?

Consider A Building And Construction Loan

It’s difficult enough to be accepted for a construction loan as it is, so getting one with terrible credit may seem unattainable. On the other hand, having unfavourable credit should not prevent you from constructing your dream house. Due to the significant risk of bad credit history, construction, or building loan, most lenders cut the loan to value ratio (LVR), restricting the amount you may borrow.

What Types Of Poor Credit Are Taken Into Account?

  • There are an infinite amount of defaults, judgments, or writs, or a $1,000 write-off (paid or unpaid).
  • There is no limit to the number of defaults, judgments, writs, or write-offs of more than $1,000 that have been recorded for more than 24 months (paid or unpaid).
  • Bankruptcy will be discharged one day.

What Qualifies You?

When it comes to construction loan customers with bad credit, banks and lenders will use common sense and be risk conservative. Lenders will look at this approvingly if you can provide a reasonable cause for the credit impairment and if the impairment is a non-recurring one-time occurrence. Furthermore, you must ensure that work begins within three months after settlement and is completed within fifteen months. It would help to verify that all necessary documentation for a building loan is in order.

Personal Loan

If you do not intend to change an existing home loan, you can always take out a personal loan to finance your home renovations. Some homeowners choose the second option because they lack the financial means or do not have a redraw facility on their home loans. Personal loans are an excellent alternative for modest renovation jobs, and they’re easy to get, provided you know how much money you’ll need.

Use The Equity In Your Home

Chances are, you have built up a significant amount of equity in your house if you’ve owned it for a long time or if you’ve worked hard to minimise your interest over time by making additional payments. You may have profited from growing property prices in sure of Australia’s expanding housing markets, as have many other Australians. The difference between the bank’s appraisal and the amount you owe on your mortgage is your home’s equity. Remember that using your home’s equity to fund your remodelling will depend on your ability to repay the loan. While you may have more than a few hundred thousand in equity, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll want to borrow the whole amount. Before continuing, consider the cost of borrowing against your equity and make sure you’re okay with the increased repayments.


Consider Using Credit Cards

If you plan to start renovating quickly or have small renovation projects, you should consider a credit card. You must understand your credit card interest rate and repayable obligations, often higher and more expensive. Using credit cards can help make your renovation project more manageable.

Refinance Your Home Loan

When you have bad credit, refinancing your house loan might be difficult but not impossible. Check with your existing lender to see if you can refinance an existing loan. One alternative is to refinance your home loan with a different lender, it’s worth talking to your current lender first to see what choices they have. Some lenders specialise in home loans for those with bad credit in Australia. Your credit history will be reviewed and understand that poor credit might be caused by personal circumstances. Specialist lenders will consider your income and other criteria before deciding whether or not to give you money.


Whatever your financial situation, there will probably be a financing option to help your renovation project. Always ensure that who you take the loan out from is registered with an Australian Credit Licence.


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