Moose Road by Mork-Ulnes Architects in California, USA

Project: Moose Road
Architects: Mork-Ulnes Architects
Location: 4500 Moose Road, Ukiah, California, USA
Area: 1,140 sq ft
Photographs by: Bruce Damonte

Moose Road by Mork-Ulnes Architects

Mork-Ulnes Architects have designed the Moose Road residence in the hills of the Ukiah Valley in California, USA. The humble home features stunning views that overlook the beautiful vineyards and spectacular mountain ridges below. This small house has been designed and built on a budget but nevertheless, the architects were considerate of the surrounding flora so they created a design that would minimize the impact of the house to the environment.

From the architects: “Three locally known land formations can be seen from the site of this project: “Eagle Rock”, a mountain ridge, and the valley of vineyards below. The main challenge was to frame these three separate views while at the same time, preserving each existing oak tree on site. The three fingers extend precisely in between the existing trees, each oriented toward a land formation.
The house was constructed on steel stilts to avoid severing tree roots. To cut cost as well as meet sustainability goals of the clients, the building was designed using standard sized, off the shelf sheet-goods (unfinished plywood and OSB) to minimize waste. The building was accomplished with a tiny budget (by California standards) at under $190 per square foot.”


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