Modern and simple living room – Project ideas and photos

99% of people adopt the living room as their favorite room in the house and if that’s your case, it’s time to make it even more beautiful and comfortable. For this, our tip is to invest in a modern and simple living room decoration.

This combination brings together a pleasant aesthetic, contemporary, relaxing, and, at the same time, practical and functional. Because, after all, the room was made for use, isn’t it?

Tips for your project

Understand the concept

Before wanting to use the modern style in the decoration of the living room, it is important to understand the concept behind this aesthetic.  The modern style has functionality as its main feature. As the architect, Louis Sullivan said “form follows function”, that is, any object must be functional before being decorative. Thus, excesses are avoided. 

Proof of this is the furniture with straight lines and the absence of adornments. Neutral colors are also valued because they favor relaxation and tranquility. The idea of ​​“less is more” is also very present. Therefore, modern rooms bring a few decorative objects. The furniture itself and other natural elements of the environment already fulfill the aesthetic function of the project.

Choose a color palette

Don’t have a color palette yet? So it’s yesterday. Don’t even think about starting a decoration without it. The color palette will drive all your choices. If you want a modern and elegant room, neutral and light colors are perfect. A modern and sophisticated room with a touch of boldness combined with dark neutral colors, such as navy blue, dark green, and black.

Do you prefer a modern room with a boho style? Bet on earthy tones. On the other hand, bright and striking colors, such as yellow, orange, and red in contrast to the blue, for example, reveal a very youthful modern living room decor. The important thing is to know that colors promote sensations and emotions, therefore, each palette will awaken a different sensation.

Focus on functionality and comfort

Don’t put the cart before the horse. Before planning the room from an aesthetic point of view, visualize functionality and comfort as part of the set. Therefore, prefer a sofa without an arm if the room is small. Want a retractable sofa? Then take the measurements to see if it is possible to open it without harming the passage. 

Coffee table only if the room has space for it. Also, consider the use of rugs and curtains that reinforce the comfort of the room and are also useful to protect your feet from the icy floor (in the case of the rug) and to limit the entry of natural light (in the case of the curtain).

Have plants

A few potted plants are enough to make the modern and simple room more beautiful, inviting, and cozy. Plants also help to fill in empty spaces without the need to use objects that tend to weigh more when looking at them.


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