Models of Crochet Curtains That Might Be a Highlight in Your Room

The crochet is a technique handmade incredible that allows as few, creating numerous and varied pieces, ranging from a simple barradinho dishcloth to a giant carpet for the room or a crochet curtain. This last one, by the way, is the subject of today’s post.

Crochet curtains can be used in the most varied environments of the house, serving both to help contain the entry of light, and to ensure a little more privacy, besides, of course, to complement the decor. Crochet curtains match very well with rustic, Provencal, romantic, and boho decorations. In more modern decorations, they can give that touch of comfort and warmth.
If you love crochet and love crochet curtains, even more, stay here with us.

How to Crochet Curtain

Those who already have a certain familiarity with the crochet technique arrive easily at the expected result. But who is still taking the first steps, need not be discouraged: with dedication and training very soon will also have beautiful curtains to show.

Crochet curtains are usually made with more resistant strands of string. Once ready, they are hung from wooden rods, the same ones used to hang traditional cloth curtains. Crochet curtains can be simple or elaborate, everything will depend on what you intend to bring to the environment. The size of the piece can also be adjusted according to the needs since it is a handmade piece made to measure.

Check out a selection of inspiring crochet curtain photos below, just choose yours:











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