Minimalist architecture house: Open-House by XTEN Architecture

This 4,500 square foot two-story minimalist architecture house was made by Californian studio XTEN Architecture. It is located in Hollywood Hills, California, USA. The modern project includes open-house architecture, embedded into a sloping property, which is an interesting architecture solution. In this way, the house is perfectly integrated into the landscape. It is precisely this feature of the gorgeous minimalist architecture house makes it possible to create gardens on two levels.

The wall enclosure of the minimalist architecture house is composed of forty-four sliding glass panels. They are designed to disappear into special hidden pockets and thus they allow detection of a great view to the exterior terraces and gardens. The interior space of minimalist architecture house boasts a lightness and purity of design lines.

Floor coverings which covers the throughout modern architecture house is actually the so-called cut pebble flooring. It encompasses all the floors in the building, including the decks and terraces. With regard to materials, the glass prevails here and we can meet it anywhere in the interior and exterior in a variety of renditions. There is a great fireplace with minimalist forms in the open space living area. Thanks to its open form of the premises, the modern architecture house offers great extras.

The dining area in this modern architecture house is furnished very simply – only with a wooden table and benches, which contributes to the overall feeling of a complete merging with nature. The picture is reinforced by the rich decoration with green plants, located on the terrace. The modern architecture house disposes also with a wonderful internal staircase with an exquisite design. Of course, the surprises do not end here. See photos below and you will find more many other lovely corners.



Tags: architecture, residential, XTEN Architecture

Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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