Meaning Of Lead Grey Color + Perfect Decorating Tips

Modern and timeless, lead-gray is one of the most popular color options at the moment. And it is not difficult to understand why. The color goes well in different proposals and carries with it an incredible ability to enhance any environment.

So let’s know more about lead-gray?

Lead gray: what color is that?

Lead gray belongs to the shade of gray. So far, no news! What you may not know is that this color is more black than gray.

This is because, within the chromatic scale, lead-gray is a darker shade, with graphite gray passing in terms of saturation. With that, the color almost reaches black.

And why do you need to know that? To better understand the effects that this color can have on your decoration.

Lead gray in decoration: symbolism and color effects

Gray, regardless of tonality, is considered a neutral color, that is, it is neither hot nor cold, as it is with black and white. In fact, gray is the result of the combination of black and white.

Soon, gray ends up acquiring characteristics and symbologies of these two colors. From black, gray brings elegance and modernity. From the white, it brings tranquility and tranquility.

However, it is necessary to be careful with the excess ash. That’s because color tends to cause states of boredom, melancholy, and coldness, just like rainy days when the sky is, guess what, gray!

Another important detail to be considered: lead gray is a dark shade and for this reason, it can cause the sensation of smaller and flatter environments depending on how it is used.

Therefore, if your environment is small and you intend to expand it visually, prefer to use the lead-gray on only one wall or in some furniture.

How and where to use lead-gray

Lead gray on the wall

Painting the walls in lead-gray is one of the most practical, quick, and inexpensive ways to insert color in environments.

The lead-gray on the walls is released for any room in the house, from bedrooms and living room, through the kitchen, bathroom, and even the facade.

Here, you still have the option to choose the type of painting, which can be total (the most common), half-wall, or a geometric wall, the latter two options being perfect for young and modern environments.

Lead gray on the carpet

A lead-gray carpet is an option for those who want to use color but in a more discreet way.

Whether in the bedroom or living room, the lead-gray rug complements neutral, classic, modern, and minimalist decorations.

Remembering that the choice of the sofa (in the case of the living room) is important to enhance the rug. A good tip is to choose upholstery in a shade lighter than the rug, forming a shade overshade of ash.

Lead gray in furniture

The furniture in the house can also take on a lead-gray color, especially in the case of planned furniture.

However, smaller furniture such as coffee tables, side tables, sideboards, nightstands, and bathroom cabinets can easily be found for sale in this color.

Lead gray in coatings

Don’t you want to paint the wall lead-gray? Then invest in a coat with color. It can be wallpaper, an adhesive, or even pastilles and ceramics.

Currently, there are several possibilities of gray lead coating, just choose the one that best suits your environment.

Lead gray on the sofa

The lead-gray sofa is a very common option in environments that value neutrality and modernity.

Easy to be found, the lead-gray sofa needs to be well harmonized with the other furniture and accessories in the room, such as carpet, curtains, and cushions.

Check out these 10 tips on how to use lead-gray in decoration and get inspired:












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