Mata Modular House by kikacamasmie+arq in Porto Seguro, Brazil

Project: Mata Modular House
Porto Seguro, Brazil
Area: 4.068 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Oka fotografia

Mata Modular House by kikacamasmie+arq

This sustainable project champions local craftsmanship, using wood for efficient, rapid construction. Comprising three modules – a suite, kitchen, and flexible living space – it emphasizes simplicity and sustainability. Eucalyptus and autoclaved pine, with double walls for insulation, ensure comfort and efficiency. Wooden frames and glass grace the front facade, while rear articulated shutters encourage ventilation. With an elevated floor, the design accommodates equipment and promotes site permeability. Even the kitchen and furniture were crafted from leftover wood, showcasing resourcefulness and eco-friendliness.

Sustainable from head to toe. The project was born from the desire to create wooden modules that were executed with local craftsmanship experience and techniques, optimizing time and cost.

The simplicity of using only one material, wood, makes the construction dry and the assembly quick. The pieces arrive pre-executed, which facilitates assembly on-site. There are 03 distinct modules: a suite module, a kitchen module, and a free module, which can be the living room, terrace, or extension of the others.

Designed with 32 m2 (4×8), the modules are composed of eucalyptus pillars that receive beams, rafters, and sawn autoclaved pine slats. Its lateral closure of double walls of 20 cm wide autoclaved pine boards allows the passage of plumbing and electrical installations and provides thermal and acoustic insulation.

The front facade is entirely made of wooden frames and glass, while the back facades are made of articulated shutters, allowing for cross ventilation.

The taubilhas roof, also made of autoclaved pine, was designed with large eaves that protect the modules from the sun. The floor is elevated from the ground, allowing for permeability of the terrain and creating a free area (technical area) for the installation of all equipment.

All the kitchen furniture, cabinets, and side tables were made from the leftover wood used in the execution of the modules.



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