Making a Gym in the Basement Space

There is no better idea than turning your unused basement into a place that can be enjoyed by the whole family – a home gym. This is especially great for those who enjoy doing sports and fitness. According to the professional opinion of Guy Solomon basement is simply a perfect location for a home gym, because it has strong concrete floors which means that you will have no problems with supporting the weight of any exercise equipment. Moreover, whenever you will have time to workout – the gym will be only one level lower there will be no need to pay for gym fees.

As with actually any remodeling project, if you want to turn your unfinished basement into a home gym you will need to do some up front planning in order to have the gym of your dreams. And here are several things that you need to consider when creating your own home gym.


Make the Space Available to Work for You

The most important thing that you have to think about making up a gym is the amount of head room available. As a rule, the codes say that 7-feet is the minimum height to provide you with the needed room to stretch and work on the equipment, such as an elliptical trainer or a treadmill. In case you have too low basement ceiling, you can dig the floor down in order to reach the needed height.


Have a Good Air Flow

As it is a gym, you will be sweating so good ventilation is a must. As it is a basement they tend to have pretty cold places which means that you should also have good heating system downstairs. And the last but not least important thing is fresh air flow that can come only from a window. So when planning the whole project do not forget to include a big window in there.


Plan the Lighting

Another great thing to make work for you is light in the basement. Do not rely on having much natural light and think precisely about the artificial. Make sure that you design the gym space with lots of light. Try to include as much as possible of various lighting fixtures in order to make sure that the gym is bright and pleasant to do sports at.



As a rule, people work out with some music meaning that you will have some sound system downstairs. If you do not want to disturb your neighbors and family members upstairs you should soundproof the whole gym very well .Experts say that fiberglass insulation between the floor and ceiling joists can perfectly block the sound coming to the main floor.


Electrical Wiring

According to Guy Solomon this is the hardest part of planning which always requires a professional hand. Remember that at least half of modern gym equipment work from the electricity meaning that your wires should be not only placed comfortable not to cause any danger to you but also smart so that if two people work out together your home will not become de-energized.


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