Make the Perfect Renovation to Your Little One’s Bedroom

Redoing a room is always a bit complicated, especially when it is a boy’s room. We do not want to make his camp during school because the teacher may call to say that he dives on his desk. Holidays are the right time to renovate your room.

1. Prepare his room together

Since you are going to redecorate his room, you might as well make the fun of the preparation. You can ask him to design his new room. It should keep him busy for an hour. You can also go on the internet with him and “look” at the images to tell him whether he likes it or not and it’s a very good way to introduce him to computers. You must also empty the room before starting the work: There too, he can help you. You can turn this chore into a game: The quickest one to put all the toys in the box / Make a castle with all your things in the back of the garage / Play archaeologists with the toys lying around under the bed and dust them with a brush like a real archaeologist who has just found an object in the sand… It should keep him occupied for quite a long time!

2. The choice of materials

When you’re a kid, going to a DIY store or a furniture store isn’t particularly pleasant. Do not hesitate to seek his advice fairly regularly. Ask him what colors he likes. Make him touch the different materials (In large DIY stores, there are a lot of exhibition products, he can touch them). On the other hand, do not abuse his patience: do not have fun doing the whole store with him, he may get bored and become painful. If you need plaster, come back another day, alone, when it will be in the airy center or at his cousin’s. If you went to a furniture store, for example, Swedish, which can take a long time, put it in daycare. You will have time to go around the store quietly without it jumping on the sofas, rotate all office chairs, and slam each of the exhibit kitchen doors. Once you have finished your walk, you can take him to the nursery department so that he can show you what he likes.

3. His return

He comes back in a few minutes, grandma called you and they get off the highway. The room is ready and tidy. His toys are in their place, the clothes in the new wardrobe. After the reunion, show him his new room, the one he chose with you. We are sure he will be super happy with everything you did while he was away!


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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