Magical Ideas For Home Decoration With Christmas Balls

If you want a different Christmas, dress your home as you have never done. A simple idea? Take the Christmas balls out of the tree and carry them around the house. From door crowns to table centerpieces!

Create a centerpiece with Christmas balls

Christmas balls have a place beyond the tree. Place several with the same design or finish on a tray, add some candles and some pinecones. You already have it! The flickering of the candles will reflect on the surface of the balls creating a most magical atmosphere.

Decorate the door with some XL balls

Do you want to give the best welcome to your guests? Well, don’t forget to decorate the front door with this original proposal. A few Christmas garlands of pine branches and two or three huge Christmas balls on each side of the door. These are shaped like a rattlesnake, but choose the ones you like best.

A rain of magic balls

For a Christmas with boho-chic style, nothing like a tree branch flying over a table dressed for a party with Christmas balls hanging at different heights. The glass and the aged silver of the balls give them light and create a very magical atmosphere. Infallible!

Stars with soul

A wooden box or a couple of wooden stars like these can give off Christmas airs if you fill them with balls from the tree (and even a garland). The brighter – or lighter – they are, the more they stand out and the better they look. Success assured!

On the stairs

If you live in a house with stairs, you can create different bouquets of fir and holly to decorate the bars and use a bow with Christmas balls as a closure. We love them!

The most Christmas and glam fireplace

Lucky those who can enjoy the warmth of a fireplace during winter! Do not miss the opportunity to decorate it with some Christmas balls with golden details and accompany them with a garland of leaves, for example, eucalyptus.

Use a decorative ladder

Take advantage of that decorative staircase that you use as a towel rack in the bathroom to give it prominence during Christmas. How? Hanging Christmas decorations, such as balls and garlands, on each shelf, better if they are in similar tones, for example: white and gray.

A very Nordic crown

Are you passionate about the Scandinavian style? Get yourself a wreath of dry branches and set small fir branches and Christmas balls in them. The balls, if they are white, will give it light and it will be much more elegant than if you mix balls of different colors.

Brighten the table

Use a string of light balls to make a path across the entire Christmas table. Its delicate lighting will create a magical atmosphere and will be a very simple formula to decorate your table with grace and minimal effort.


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