Low Bed or Bed on the Floor?

Have you ever thought about having a low bed or close to the floor? Today we are going to talk about this proposal in the decoration that refers to the style of oriental culture. For anyone who is a fan of the minimalist style, this can be a great idea to apply in the bedrooms, be it a couple, single, or children’s.

These bed models are ideal for environments full of youthfulness – the base can be an option, made of wood, pallets, concrete, and other materials. If you want to have a more informal atmosphere, bet on this option!

In oriental culture, having contact with the floor helps to dissipate the negative energies – if you like this style, know that it can still save a lot of space about a traditional bed, in addition to making the decor of the room lighter.

Before placing the mattress on the floor, you need to know more about the floor and the impact of moisture on the material. Another option is to use rugs under the mattress to preserve the item.

10 Projects With Low Beds or on the Floor for Inspiration

For easy viewing, check out 10 designs of low beds or mattresses on the floor to get inspired:












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