17 Outstanding Floor Bed Designs That Are Worth Your Time

Some days we can hardly wait for a moment when we will finally stretch out our tired body and relax and rest for the next day. It is therefore important our bed to have a perfect mattress, pillows that provide the right support and quality bedding for the real pleasure. In addition, when we buy a new bed we always choose a bed with a frame, but have you ever considered buying only a mattress which will be located directly on the floor? It may sound unusual, but it does not mean less comfort, and may look really stylish and relaxing!

Of course, your mattress does not have to be placed directly on the floor. Instead, place it on a nice carpet, but do not forget to put the sponge layer between it. If you decide on this type of bed, once a week simply lift the mattress and place it against the wall and let the air circulate. The bed on the floor is not a good solution for areas that are in wet, because a mold can develop and thus you will have more problems. It should also be borne in mind that you will experience sudden temperature changes, because you will sleep low on the floor. Of course, such a bed may look extraordinarily elegant, but keep in mind that it is also necessary to choose lower nightstands to keep the things in hand. Set your bed with a nice bedding and add layers of fabric of different colors and textures to make your bed to look interesting. Numerous pillows will replace the headboard of the bed and will allow you to sit comfortably in bed while reading. Take a look at the following wonderful examples of the floor beds and you will remain inspired!



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