Lights, wood and gold – The protagonists of the most beautiful rustic house in the world

This mountain lodge in La Cerdanya combines several characteristics: a discrete color palette, a predominance of natural finishes, and a limited variety of materials. Wood is the star in this instance! The top? Beautiful holiday decor is found throughout the home. It is brilliant and magical in every way.

With this home, we put out a suggestion for a subdued, organic, and incredibly cozy holiday decoration. The woods serve as a constant reminder that we are in the mountains, from the beams in the living room to the lovely kitchenβ€”through the several pieces of furniture that dΓ©cor designers created specifically for the project.


These had to make the remainder “work” with the pine deck and ceiling because they were gifts to us. In order to match the color of the oak floor, they also tried to match the color of the furniture.
The wood is pine or oak, and even the carpets are consistent throughout the entire house. The walls and cupboards are also in a stone tone.

Second important point: The same decorations are repeated throughout the home, with just little variations in size, type, and placement. We can observe, for instance, that the candles and lanterns are larger outside and smaller inside. Throughout the house, there are natural fiber trays, candles, candle holders, and lanterns. Have you seen how lovely they appear with the presents under the tree? Additionally, there are handmade golden crowns all over the place, even on the Christmas tree and the coat rack in the foyer.


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