This family home exudes the rustic appeal of mountain cabins thanks to its wooden structure, sloping floor, and picture-perfect views.

In terms of distribution, you can enter the rest area, which has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, from the foyer, where the elevator is located. The common areas are located on the ground level and include a kitchen that is open to the living and dining area, which is positioned in the back and is topped by a sizable patio. Since it is a mountain residence, Marta chose a simple design with lots of wood.

The most crucial intervention was persuading the owners that the oak ceiling needed to be stripped in a pearl gray tone. In actuality, it distinguished between a before and after. The decor designer proposed painting the walls the same color as the ceiling in order to give the home a lot of light and visual amplitude. The proprietors fell in love with her carefully thought-out project because of her unwavering persistence and tremendous gifts of conviction. Similarly to this, the interior designer decided to put intriguing oak wood flooring throughout the entire house in order to tie all the spaces together and impart a sense of warmth.

It was necessary to take advantage of the big windows and the breathtaking vistas. To take use of the light, sun, and terrace, it was chosen to place the common areas at the bottom of this floor. As a result, the living room and dining room are connected, with the fireplace serving as the feature that, depending on your perspective, divides or unifies the two rooms with its cozy warmth. The idea of the kitchen as an open space where you can enjoy family, friends, and beautiful surroundings while cooking was developed using the same hedonistic philosophy.

The main bedroom’s bed is in a special spot where you can observe the stars while you sleep, while the children’s attic room with its three iron beds seems to have been plucked straight out of a story. The rustic appearance of the house, that distinctive style of mountain houses that is so pleasant and snug, was determined by the careful selection of neutral tones, natural materials like wood and fiber, and basic furniture.






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